Friday, July 3, 2009

Papaya leaf Juice

Tonite's entry definitely is not about a new recipe for healthy people:-). A few months back, I read in a forwarded email stating that some kind of juice might increase platelet count. Since MIL's platelet count kept decreasing day after day, I think we have to try alternative medicines. Eventhough I'm in modern medicines, I do believe in alternative medicines. Her current platelet count is 32 ( The normal platelet count is 150 ). Yesterday was 40. So, hubby was worried. When he got back on wednesday the count was 90. The result for dengue was negative. He consulted a few doctors & getting more worried with their opinions. ( When it involves very close family members, have to ask for 2nd opinion or 3rd )

Tomorrow we are going back to see MIL. In the meantime, I started googling about the juice. ( Very convenient! ). Sure enough, I found about Papaya leaf juice. Have been tried and proven effective in increasing platelet count. It is very rich in vitamin A, C, E, K, B Complex & B17. In 1 case, the count shoot up from 8 to 300 within a week. So, I guess no harm in trying. Then, we instruct my brother in law to prepare the juice. The juice has to be prepared using fresh leaves. Blend and filter to get 1 tablespoon. Drink twice daily. Of course the taste is awful but if it works, who cares about the taste!( Of course i'm not the one taking it hehe..) .I pray that it'll work by the time we get there. At the moment, the treatment at the hospital is only symptomatic treatment.

The princesses don't know yet we are going to see embah or mak tuk. Malam ni tanak makan. Lunch dah puas makan.I made roasted chicken for lunch today. Senang je. Marinate with salt & italian herbs, Sapu margerine & bake. Bake tu K. Jun yang buat. I marinate je.. makan dgn potato salad. Kenyang. Alysa suka betul dgn white sauce which I prepared with a dash of italian herbs.


ila said...

hopefully everything is going well.

mawar merah said...

Hmm...balik Johor ler, insyallah everything will be ok. Eh..wat commercialised juice to, bleh ker?

3AS said...

Everything's fine. Mak dah keluar wad.,
Balik Johor mcm ribut. Balik sana Sabtu, Ahad dah balik Penang.Boleh gak nak commercialised juice tu..:-)May be it really works. Be4 bagi juice PC 38. After 2 or 3 doses of the juice + sup ketam, dah naik 58. Kira okla tu within 1 day...