Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cuti-cuti Ho Chi Minh - Part II

We booked a tour to Cu Chi tunnel at our hotel which cost USD9 per person. Actually, you can get USD4 per person at backpackers area at Pham Ngu Lao st. However, we didn't have time to browse over there. Our plan to go to Mekong Delta was cancelled too as it is a day tour. If we went there, we wouldn't have time to do our shopping.;-).

The tour guide picked us up at our hotel and picked other tourists at a few other hotels. There were 18 of us inside the coach. It took 2 hours from HCM to Cu Chi tunnel. We stopped at a craft centre for a short break.

The entrance fee to Cu Chi  Tunnel is VND80K ( USD4 ). We were first briefed about the tunnel before proceeding to see various interesting spots inside the area. At the end of the tour, we were served tapioca and tea. It was a long walk and I think I burned hundreds if not thousands of calories by the end of the tour...:D. Boleh lagi kurus kalau selalu ikut tour macam ni..

Buying the tickets

Sape2 yang rasa badan terlebih comel, don't try this. Tak jamin blh keluar..:-)

Making rice paper

Inside the tunnel. Hubby tak turun. Takut sangkut..:D. Lutut dia pun dah kong. Gelap giler kat dalam ni...

On the way back to HCM, everybody was so tired. They dropped the 4 of us at War Remnant Museum. Actually, museum is not my thing. But since it is listed as a must visit place, we decided to pay a visit. The entrance fee is only VND8K. We only visited the ground and 1st floor as it was distressing to see those photos.

After that Hubby took over as our tourist guide..& we got lost..:-). Instead of going to Central Post Office, we walked farther away. So, we took a cab to Dong Du Mosque. After solat, we headed to Parkson as we didn't feel like eating at Halal @Saigon which is opposite the mosque. However, D'Anjung ( 4th floor at Parkson ) was closed on Friday. Hubby & I had briyani at a pakistani stall while Liza & Sumai tried the indonesian food at the next stall.

Masjid di Dong Du St

Le Loi St - Kat sini byk hotel2 5 star & branded good outlets eg LV, Chanel etc. Masjid pun just around the corner je.

One of the things that  I like about Ho Chi Minh is its parks. It has parks right in the middle of the city. So, penat jalan2 boleh lepak2 kat park. The pavements are also pedestrian friendly.

Makan delima bought at Binh Tay market

Our hotel lobby

Good bye saigon. We will definitely be back. Trip kali ni memang best ( Semua tempat ada keistimewaan sendiri ) . Si Liza tu sampai cakap if kitaorang nak pegi lagi & if Sumai tak nak ikut, dia nak ikut kitaorang sorang2..:-). To Sumai & Liza, thanks for joining us. Korang memang best & sempoi. The only thing that spoilt the trip is that I lost my sunglassess ( a present from Hubby ) in the night market. May be while trying out the clothes...:-( . Oh ya, During this trip, Hubby had a penchant for red colour. I nak beli jubah, dia suruh beli red. But I did't..:-). Then, nak beli glasses pun dia suruh pilih red, which I relented. Tapi bila dah siap, I rasa muka I macam mak nenek lak..:D. Tp dia kata tak pe, bagi nampak mature sikit muka..hikhik

With the jovial Dr Liza.kat airport..Kan muka I dah jadi macam mak nenek with the new glasses..:-(. Got a new glasses but lost the old one..sob..sob..


ain sweet thots said...

zuera ... i dont think i berani nak masuk tunnel tu la ... cam phobia je rasa

4AS said...

kalau claustrophobic, tak yah le masuk. Dalam group kitaorang yg 18 org tu, only a few je yg masuk. Ada yg keluar penuh kotor baju & seluar coz merangkak kat dlm tu..