Monday, July 6, 2009

Balik Kampung

We had an early start on saturday. Planned to leave home at 7am but only managed to get out at 8am. The princesses were all in good mood. Senang je nak kejutkan mandi pagi2 buta... eventhough Alysa had mozzie bites all over her face & body. Banyak betul nyamuk...gemuk2 je kat tepi dia.

During the journey Baby blissfully slept all the way until we reached Ayer Keroh, Melaka at 1pm. She had her lunch there & a bit of her milk. Then slept again until we reached kampung. Adik pulak in between dozing off, she sang & berzikir. Ni time Alysa & Baby tido. Mati kutu le tu..hehe..Alysa pulak if she was not sleeping, she was munching on something or just talked to papa to keep him from dozing off.( Since she sat next to papa on the front seat..). Kira ok la tu gilir2 dengan I so that hubby tak ngantuk.

My MIL has improved. May be the combination of papaya leaf juice, sup ketam or just TLC. All her 9 kids balik kampung & went to visit her at the hospital. The visiting hours was shortened due to a few cases of H1N1 there. Number of visitors were also limited. Kids below 12 were not allowed in the wards. Kena gilir2 le. When we left, her platelet count has gone up from 32 to 58. Kiranya one of the above remedies worked.

Balik from the hospital on saturday we experienced every parents nightmare! well, almost.. Since tuan rumah ( a.k.a MIL & SIL) tak de, rumah jadi huru hara le. No fresh food. So, we decided to stop by at pasar malam to buy some food for the whole family. Ramai yang nak makan... Masa tercari2 kat mana orang jual chicken , tiba2 Hubby noticed Adik was missing. He was holding baby. I was supposed to hold Alysa & Adik. But I thought Adik was following K.Nah ( my SIL). Kelam kabut la we all patah balik. Phew! Just a few metres away, there she was, standing where we left her. Tak nangis lagi but muka dah semacam... But if she cried we might've noticed sooner. Lepas tu terus je balik rumah. It was a good idea if we brought our kids to crowded places to wear rantai as someone suggested. Tapi be4 this, kitaorang jarang ke crowded places with the kids. In fact diorang tak pernah ke pasar malam! That was the 1st time. We always avoid crowded places. Kalau terpergi kat crowded shopping mall, we won't stay long. We prefer spacious shopping malls where the kids can easily be monitored.

Yesterday, masa tunggu visiting hours kat hospital, we decided to kill the time at the famous Super bariani gam kat Bukit Pasir. That was the 1st time i went there. Previously, there were multiple reasons that prevented us to go there. Mostly, it was closed masa kitaorang pegi. Raya le katakan..The rice & mutton were superb. Ayam dia biasa2 je. But, the princesses had KFC. On the way there Alysa saw KFC & said ' Papa, look..that's the biggest KFC ever!' Yelah tu... tactic dia le tu nak suruh kitaorang belikan KFC kat dia. So, papa being the indulgent one, beli le kat diorang..

The journey back home was uneventful. We left the hospital at around 2 pm & arrived home at 7.45pm. Sempat le performed maghrib prayer at home. Dah buat jamak takdim kat Ayer Keroh for zohor & Asar. So, terus je balik rumah. The princesses pun tido. Malas nak stop merata2.

Ni gambar during one of our balik kampung journeys. I think kat R & R Tapah. This time balik terlupa amik gambar..


ila said...

kenyang la nyamuk tu.. isap darah lyssa. almaklumla lyssa kan kuat mkn, so byk la zatnya.. hik3!!
ayra tu, luckily nobody come and grab her hand. but i think if someone do it, u'll notice earlier because of her loudly voice.

3AS said...

Hehe.. mmg le nyamuk2 tu sampai merangkak kekenyangan pagi tu. nak terbang dah tak larat dah.Punya la montel!
Ayra tu memang kalau dia melalak, confirm orang tu pun lari dulu..