Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Last nite, ( or rather this morning) I received an SMS from Mak. It was a sad news. My cousin Bang Det passed away due to a heart attack at 12.30am. Arwah was 48 years old. Eventhough he had a heart problem, his demise was quite a shock. Just a few weeks ago we all met him at Alia's wedding. But, I didn't get to chat with him or K.Gee. Masa tu ramai relatives nak berchit chat to. He & K. Gee were also in a hurry to catch a flight home to KL after the kenduri. They went back to Kedah just for the wedding. Took a flight to Kedah in the morning, & got a flight home in the afternoon. Memang rushing..

Dr Mahadzer Mahmud was the President of KLIUC. He was at the peak of his career. He leaved behind a wife & 4 kids. Their kids are still schooling. Jenazah dikebumikan pada pukul 9 pg. To K.Gee, Afiq, Adibah, Afiqah & Adib, takziah dari Mak Teh & Pak Teh sekeluarga. Semoga arwah dicucuri rahmatNya. Alfatihah..

KIKOM family day 2007 in Merbok, Kedah. Arwah seated in the second row.

KIKOM family day 2008 in Yan, Kedah.


ila said...

ucapan takziah juga dr. km sekeluarga.. moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan digolongkan dgn golongan yg beriman...amin..

3AS said...

Sama2 kita berdoa untuk Allahyarham..