Friday, July 17, 2009

To Give or Not To Give?

A couple nite ago after our late supper ( by the princesses' standard) at McDonald's ( Alysa's version is just 'Donald'..), Baby got home having a sniffle. I told Hubby to give antihistamine to her. Hubby double checked 'Nak bagi ke?'. In the end, kitaorang tak bagi anything. This was due the current circular by MOH instructing doctors at Govt Hospitals not to give medicines for cough & colds to those below 2 years old. I forgot the articles, but it was something to do with USFDA findings.

That nite she slept restlessly, waking up a few times. By Subuh, her runny nose was so bad & she started having a fever. So, we gave her antihistamine & PCM. Only then, she could sleep blissfully until 9am. By this time her fever was gone & her sniffles got better. But, she later started coughing due to the accumulated phlegm...& vomitted in the process.

In conclusion, better give your babies the necessary medicines if they got sick. If the conditions are not treated, they'd worsened. It'd mean sleepless nights for parents as well. Give the medications adviced by your doctor or pharmacist. For me, if the benefits outweigh the side effects, I would definitely choose to give the medicine. Kalau nak biar baby baik sendiri from cough & colds, it might take 2 weeks to heal on its own. By that time I 'd have 2 weeks of sleepless nights...a walking zombie..uurrggh..Sesape yang keluar that circular mesti tak de anak or dah lupa zaman ada anak2 kecik...

Last nite kitaorang lepak2 kat Pantai Bersih.. to be exact kat R&R Bagan Ajam. Seronok the princesses main. Baby pun berguling sakan. Yelah jarang keluar picnic malam2 ni. Adik started main baling pasir with Hafiz. Sedar2 she got sand all over her body & hair! Balik tu kena le mandikan dia at 11pm! This morning both Alysa & Adik selsema lak. Either berjangkit from Baby or sejuk kena mandi tengah2 malam buta..:-) Both of course la lost appetite. Bagus gak Alysa lost her appetite...hehe.. Her weight gain worries me. Banyak baju yang tak padan. Kena pilih baju budak 7-8 yrs old... and she's only 4 yo!
Muka sakit..watery eyes & red nose..

Baby muka cranky je.. Alysa & Adik masa ni belum selsema lagi..tu yang ceria je..

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