Monday, July 27, 2009

Alysa..From Skinny to Chubby

Alysa has grown a lot. Lately we have to constantly buy her new clothes coz she has outgrown most of her clothes. So, everytime shopping, mesti dia dapat baju baru. Currently she's wearing clothes meant for an 8 year old. And she's only 4 y.o. Tak tau le nanti dah sekolah nak kena cari baju sekolah size berapa.. May be when she's in std 1, she has to wear a uniform for std 6 kid! haru betul...

Still Adik's 1 y.o birthday party.

With Adik & her birthday presents

Belajar nak bersanding in 20 years time, with Aliff our ex-neighbour

At a friend's birthday party..rambut kontot lagi.

With her cousin, Aminurdin Arsyad...Yang ni sama size le..

With Abang Aman on her 4th birthday

Rambut dah pendek kena potong sedepa ( Hubby's exaggeration!)

Si Chubby..

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