Sunday, May 31, 2009


Since it's school holiday, ( won't affect me though since the princesses are not in school yet.) everyday we have wedding invitations. Yesterday we went to 2 weddings at Mamak Zakaria's & Hj Jamil's ( the ADO ).

Since lunch was loaded with rice, I made simple dinner last nite. Just Grilled Cheezy Dory & Potato Salad. Alysa & Adik loved the fish.

Grilled Cheezy Dory & Potato Salad

While talking to mak on the phone last nite, she said my nephews & nieces were coming over today. So Ila & I made plans for dinner. She'd prepare her signature dish, fruit salad and also a new recipe...( We made plans at a wedding!).

The spread we managed to prepare..

Clockwise: Durians given by mak (yum..yum..), Ila's fruit salad, Roasted Chicken ( so juicy....), Fettucine with Creamy Tomato Sauce, Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes, Creamy Orange Sauce, Ila's Cup cakes ( Don't know the name but it tasted good.. Alysa polished off 2 ).

With all the creamy & cheezy stuff that we've eaten tonight, some people would have to go on diet for a week! ( including me too...hehe..). Tapi since ada orang yang buat air sedap (Hubby la tu..bodek sikit haha..) yang ala2 masam tukan, to pacify those on diet, kira potong calories la tu..look who's talking! Other health & medical professionals who read this , pejam mata jelah with this theory okay? Wakaka...

Hubby went to play badminton tonight to burn off the calories he had loaded at dinner. Dia sorang je yang exercise. Other people ( u know who..) exercise mata je ( or may be suara ) watching Jangan Tegur..??

Looking at those delicious spread, Alysa managed to eat 2 cupcakes , 2 bowl of honey stars , a few glasses of Nestle strawberry yogurt drink & a bite of chicken. ( At least she ate!) Adik only ate a few bites of chicken, durian, honey stars & 2 bowl of milk ( prepared to be eaten with honey stars actually). Baby...telan air liur jelah ye sayang.. Hi...penat mama masak. Anak2 mama makan merapu je.

Adik & baby masa on the way to grocery shopping. Baby nampak lagi besar dari Kak Ngah! Masa shopping tu ada la >10x budak curly hair tu (aka adik la..) melalak due to 1 reason after another. Sigh... Letih betul..

Saturday, May 30, 2009


After reading raving reviews in allrecipes & looking at Shidah's photos (She made this a couple of weeks ago ) , I finally made Cinnabon last nite. Well, very nice except the frosting was a bit too sweet for my taste. Alysa polished off 2 buns. That was after eating rice & pasta at K.Jun's place! Adik...she wouldn't touch anything related to bread. Even Hafiz ( my nephew) managed to eat 1 1/2 pieces. I think the kids just loved the frosting.



Yesterday evening since Lysa & Adik went to K.Jun's, both baby & me could take a breather. Baby could sleep without the interuption of the other 2's squabbles.


Friday, May 29, 2009

"Fragile" - Handle with care

This is how i feel about Adik. In a day she'd burst into tears or wail at the top of her lungs more than 100x ( Exaggerating of course haha..) at the slightest provocations. Rimas betul! You cannot raise your voice to her, say NO or Don't etc, etc.. If dia gaduh dgn Lysa pun before we can say anything, dia dah nangis so that dia tak kena marah! Tapi to be fair to both of them, sape buat salah memang kena marah. Or 2-2 kena marah so as not to take side.

Lysa kalau kena marah, if she did make a mistake, dia selambaland je. Unlike adik. Kena marah dia melalak ya Rabbi.. Kalau sakit sangat telinga ni dengar dia melalak terpaksalah pujuk. I know...i know... it beats the purpose of teaching her. Tapi tu la kan, macam nak pecah gegendang telinga dengar dia jerit, mama has to give in!

Tu nasib baby tak pandai gaduh lagi. Wait till the three of them start to squabble! Maunya I have to wear ear plugs...hehe..Or mama yang jadi Tarzan!

She can be so sweet if she wants to...
Last nite since Hubby puasa, I made Strawberry Mousse for dessert. Quite refreshing. But the kids didn't like it coz it's a bit sourish to their taste I think.

Strawberry Mouse

Our lunch today, Tuna pasta which is Alysa's favourite. She finished off 3 servings while I'm getting ready for work!

Tuna Pasta

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roll over baby

Baby Adalia is in the process of learning to crawl. She also loves to roll over. Since she slept on her tummy, we have to frequently check on her if she slept early. We found her a couple of times rolling over with her blanket & ended up like 'Pocong'. Scary for me... since in that position she might have trouble breathing! This is a sneak preview of what she's up to..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monkey & banana

Alysa has ways to get what she wants & to get out of troubles. Pandai ayat budak ni :-). Last nite she requested banana before her dinner. I told her NO since she promised to have dinner if we went to the playground. So, after dinner ;

Alysa: Papa, kakak nak banana please..... ( Part please panjang tu yang lemah tu.)

Her papa gave her one. Since may be she was still full after her dinner,

Alysa: Papa, Monkey eat banana ( while giving the peeled banana back to her papa.)


Well, that's her way to get away from being reprimanded for wasting food.

On another topic, I made muesli bar last nite. Since Hubby & Adik love this stuff, I normally made this once a week for their breakfast or teabreak.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes

Since ada la orang tu dah drooling remembering this dish, here's the recipe. Nanti boleh buat for cik abang. Kalau lebih2 tu pass la.. Actually I've made some changes to the original recipe to cut cooking time. Since the original recipe requires 1 1/2 hrs baking time, I modified the preparation & just baked for 15 mins. Saved a lot of time & electricity haha..

Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes

Ingredients: ( for small casserole dish )

5 potatoes , sliced
salt & pepper to taste
1tbs butter / margerine
1 cup milk ( I used 'IDEAL' evaporated milk )
4 slices cheddar cheese
Mozarella cheese

1. Preheat oven to 200'C. Grease casserole dish.
2. Boil the sliced potatoes in salted water until 3/4 cooked.
3. Arrange the potatoes in the prepared dish.
4. In a medium saucepan, melt the butter. Mix in the flour. Stir in the milk. Season with salt & pepper. Cook until the mixture thickened. Stir in the cheese until melted.
5. Pour the mixture over the potatoes. Top with the mozarella cheese.
6.Bake for 15 minutes.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Chocolate Orange Cheese Cake

Since someone ( u know who..) asked me to post the photo of my anniversary cake, ni le... tak cantik..the icing for SARY tu dah gelong haha.. unreadable! janji ada kek & boleh makan oklah tu..
Chocolate Orange Cheese Cake

Comparing this to Oreo Cheese Cake that I normally did for special occasions, I ( & a few others) prefer Oreo Cheese Cake.

Oreo Cheese Cake

See, this even looks better than COCC. I made this for my mom's birthday.

Late Night Singing

Last nite Adik couldn't sleep early. She missed her usual afternoon nap, so she ended up taking a nap at 6-7pm while we were on the way home from shopping. Tu pun kena kejutkan..

So, last nite she was in her singing mode at 12 midnight! Singing from 'twinkle, twinkle little star' to selawat shifa to 'good night, sweet dreams'..well, singing every lullaby & songs that she knew. While singing she made up mama's hair & face... combing my hair; putting baby powder on my face, feet & every single marks on my body ( the ones that she could see of course..). She even sang this song that i couldn't comprehend. It went ' dak, dak billoo billoo billooo'.. Alysa's version was ' dak, dak ballo ballo ballo'..????? Mana ntah diorang pick up this song. The thing about these 2, they just hear any song once, then they can sing the song already with their version of course!

Back to adik, she managed to sleep at 1 am. Jenuh le nak menunggu dia tido. She have to be asleep before we can put her in her room. Otherwise dia kacau Alysa. On the other hand, Alysa has her bedtime routine. After finishing of her milk in the living room , she will go into her room & sleep on her own. Senang kan?

Here goes the photos of the princesses:

Cute & bubbly Alysa Safira..

Beautiful & sweet Ayra Safiyya..

Adorable & pretty Adalia Safwa..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Chicken Cordon Bleu & Potato Au Gratin

This was our dinner tonite. The tomato was there to give colour to the dish...

Happy 10th Anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary sayang.

Wow, it's been 10 years. '10 wonderful, joyful, full of love years' as my hubby put it. Aw..Thank you sayang. Thanks also for the gift given a week earlier. Yelah dapat present awal coz kebetulan lalu Poh Kong, they were having a SALE. Impromptu gift. ( My hubby is well known as an impulsive shopper... kalau shopping, kalah i..dia yang lebih2 shopping! ) My present to him arrived just on time. I did online shopping. Luckily they managed to deliver it on time.

We had dinner at home. I made Chicken Cordon Bleu, Potato Au Gratin, watermelon juice and of course the cake. For this occasion i made Chocolate Orange Cheese Cake. Baby just watched us having dinner. Lysa & adik were at k.Jun's house.

When ila, my sister & k.Jun tasted the cake, they said they prefer Oreo Cheese cake that i used to make. Everybody loves Potato Au Gratin. But of course they didn't manage to taste the chicken. I made just enough for me & hubby.

This blog is created to document the growing up process of my 3 beloved princesses and my new interest in cooking.

Kids grow up so fast that sometimes you missed a new stuff that they did. If you don't spend time with them, you might miss their 1st smile, 1st step, 1st word etc. You might forget when they started calling you mama & papa. So, this documentation is for me to remember things that they did.

My eldest, Alysa 4 y.o also called alys, lysa, kakak or kak long is a chubby, sweet kid. People always commented that she always smile. She finished Iqraq 1 just before she turned 4 y.o last feb. She teaches herself to spell through watching 'Wordworld' on astro PHDC & her trusted computer.

My beautiful Ayra 2 1/2 y.o a.k.a adik or kak ngah is a cry baby ( I love her anyway..). She learns abc through her computer as well. But if she spelled words, she read it backward! She likes beautiful stuff & always like to be pampered.

My youngest, Adalia 7 m.o or baby is in the process of crawling. Watching her smile wipes away all my problems & worries. She can roll her tongue in a way that nobody in the family can. When she's bored, she'll just lie on her tummy with both hands under her chin & watches tv. Other than that she's always gnawing something e.g her sisters' books, toys or anything that she can put her tiny fingers on!