Saturday, August 1, 2009


Yesterday & today we were stuffed with food from birthday parties. Murah rezeki. Last nite was Hafiz's 4th birthday party. "Happy 4th Birthday my dear nephew. May u grow up to be a wonderful person". The party was held at Pantai Bersih. To be exact at Bagan Ajam R&R . It was a nice spot to BBQ. Ila made soto & oreo cheese cake ( my recipe..:-) ). I made marshmallow ( specially requested by Alysa) & carrot cake. The carrot cake was gone even before the party started! That good huh! Fortunately it was a nice weather. Since it was windy, habis le pasir melekat kat oreo cheese cake tu. So, ada penambah perisa. Sand flavour hehe.. Paper plates pun berterbangan le..

After makan2, the kids had a good time playing bubbles. Jenuh le papa a.k.a Pak Teh kena belikan bubble set tu after 1 request after another. For 1 simple bubble set it cost RM5. Mahal kan? I bet it actually costs less than rm1. It shows the buying power that kids have! Parents yang tanak dengar rengekan anak2, kena le beli mainan tu. Especially those yang buat muka kesian & a pretty PLEAASE.. ( well, Alysa lu tu.. pandai betul cairkan hati papa..). Hafiz pun pandai bodek gak..hey..jenuh le Pak Teh cair dengan bodekkan 4 y.o kids! Fortunately Amin is still incoherent in his speech. Baby? zzz.. syok je dengan natural aircond..

Today we went to Iman's birthday party. Read K.Liza's message at 4pm. Kalut le keluar cari bday present coz the party was after asar. Tapi since senang je nak cari present for girls, I managed to buy the prezzie within 15 minutes! Balik rumah, k.jun tolong balutkan..The princesses even got a gift each ( konon2 cabutan bertuah, but everyone got lucky hehe..) at Iman's 9 y.o bday party.
Birthday boy cutting the bday cake with his parents
Half of the kids at the party

The princesses enjoying the bubbles



ila said...

he..he..he.. N3 khas u besday party.. tq..tq.. meriahnya...

3AS said...

Memang meriah..Quoting Alysa 'It was so much fun!!'.Boleh wat selalu ni..hehe..