Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adik's Toilet-train

This N3 might be offensive to some readers... Read at your own risk! :-)

The 1st time we tried to toilet-train Adik was a few months ago. I guess she was not ready at that time. We relented after a few days of unsuccessful attempt. Lagipun Mama malas nak clean up after her 'accidents'.

Last Sunday we tried again. The morning passed by succcessfully. Came evening, she has an overactive bladder. Kejap2 nak ke toilet. Yelah sejuk kut coz hujan.. While I was taking my nap before cooking for iftar, tengok2 Hubby who just got home from the mosque told me Adik peed on the carpet in our room! Habis hancing satu bilik! Masa ni dia boring main sorang2.. Alysa & Baby were sleeping too. Kesian Cik jun kena cuci carpet the next day..

Malam tu pulak, she peed on another carpet at the dining table while were were having our iftar. Alamak letih la... But luckily I caught her just in time be4 she poo poo. But she freak out seeing her own poops! Melalak2 kat toilet. Oh, she didn't want to use the toilet bowl, but did her thing on the bathroom floor. Kena la mama clean up after her mess! But I think she's better than Alysa. Alysa dulu selalu poo poo dlm seluar. But Adik now on her 4th day of toilet-train never once poo poo in her pants. But, mama la kena clean up after her mess on the bathroom floor. Sigh... She's improving anyway. The 1st 2 days, she had 2 'accidents'. The 3rd day she only had 1 'accident'. Kira ok la tu. Alysa dulu lagi teruk..& we started to train her after her 3rd bday. Adik is not 3 y.o yet. We had to constantly remind her. "Adik nak shoo bagitau ye.. Dengar tak?" which she replied "dengar...". " Ingat tak?".. " ingat.." But she still forgot to tell us sometimes...I hope by the end of the week she won't have anymore 'accident'. Jenuh la mama berleter...But I tried to be patient with her as she's sooo over sensitive.

Gambar2 Adik masa baby...masa ni rambut lurus lagi...

Yesterday we missed our sahur. Baby berjaga the nite before. So, we didn't hear the alarm. Sedar2 dah 7 am. Nasib le sejuk so tak le letih. For iftar, i didn't feel like eating rice. So, I made mee kuah but using spaghetti as usual.. Rasa refreshing lak. Tekak orang tak sihat. For dessert I made creme caramel which is so easy to make. Alysa suka betul. I only allowed her to eat 2 pieces as it was near her bedtime. Lagipun dia dah bantai a bowl of spagheti & a big bowl of watermelons. Dah overloaded her tummy.

Creme Caramel

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