Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A surprise from Papa

Last week, after watching one of those tv programs, Alysa had been begging for a fish. I told her to go ask from papa...which she did. I thought Hubby had completely forgotten about it. Then last Sunday, he came home from servicing our car, bringing a surprise for the princesses. It's in the form of RM250 aquarium set. Hmm.. with that amount of money spent, it'd be nice if he got me a perfume?? handbag?? or shoes??..hehe..

He was on the way home from doing an errand for me in Kulim after servicing the car, where he saw the fish shop. Terus singgah & beli..( I told u he's an impulsive shopper!) The princesses were so excited seing the fish. Alysa named the goldfish ' Goldie, Dibo, Sasquash, & Oso' after her favourite cartoon characters. The other 2 cleaner fish, we named 'Blackie & Klinnie'. Hentam sajalah...

Actually, this is the first pet that they ever have. Considering how scared they are of animals, fish ni kira oklah coz tak perlu pegang. Kalau nampak cats, diorang dah lari sebatu.. They are even afraid of ants & mossies. I had to tell them that they're bigger than ants & mossies. So, they can swat any ant or mossie that came near them! Now dah oklah dengan ants..

Excited with their new pet. Masa ni Adik tengah tido.. The one at the bottom of the aquarium is not toad but a blowie. Rupa macam toad je..

Petang tu I was still not in the mood to cook. So, prepare la food ala2 orang malas. Lagipun tak de appetite sangat. Hubby pun memang tak cerewet. Whatever I prepared, dia makan je... But after terawih Mak kirimkan food thru Ila ada le 6-7 jenis complete with dessert. Ada masak lemak belimbing buluh & ikan tongkol ( my favourite), kerabu perut (another favourite!), gulai rebung, sayur rebung, sambal udang & bengkang roti.. We ate kerabu perut with bubur lambuk coz kerabu tu dah tak sesuai simpan for sahur..
I made karipap. Alysa suka betul. She managed to eat 6-7 pieces! Sambil makan mulut tu dok ngomel ' so good... delicious!' :-) Pandai betul amik hati mama..


Sizuka said...

comelnya ikan2 tu. aku pun nak suruh sham belikan aquarium for the kids la. eh! but mana nak letak? rumah aku sempit.. huhuhu

3AS said...

Ala Shidah.. Jangan le suruh sham beli yang besar.. Aquarium we all letak sebelah tv je.. sambil tgk tv, boleh tengok ikan sekali.. so peaceful..