Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Bye KP, Hello SC

 This week has been a busy week, with the preparation for the expo & the hand-over of Hubby's biz. Actually, I want this entry to commemorate the efforts that we have put to make his clinic a successful one & when the princesses are old enough to read, they would know the history of the clinic.
 We received inquiries from patients & sales reps on why we sold the clinic. Actually only family & selected friends knew about this before. Somehow, patients got to know about this through other sources. Ada yang tercari2 dia. So, I guess it's a known fact now..:-). The reasons.. we'll only tell those who asked personally. Not that he's going to resign from that profession, but now it's only on part time basis somewhere else. Hopefully, he'd have more time with the family after this. I guess,when you reached a certain age, you'd prioritise stuff in your life. So, good bye KP officially on 1st June 2010. It's been great years building you up. Hopefully, the person who took over, would bring you to higher levels. Emo la pulak..:D Yelah..considering it's part of our lives for nearly 10 years, I do feel in a way sad ( about letting go KP ) but happy too that now Hubby got more time to do stuff that he'd like to do. As for me, I got plenty of time since I only work 3 hrs a day..:-). Welcome too to SC, his new company. Hope this would grow into something that we'd be proud of as we were of KP. ( P/S: Hubby wouldn't know about my ramblings cos I think he never read my blog considering his time constraint, even his friends perli " ko bukak FB setahun sekali ke?" & his email inbox was flooded with over 3000 msgs!  Melalut le pulak I..) 
 For the next 10 days starting tomorrow, we'll be busy with Ekspo Usahawan @ Tapak Ekspo Seberang Jaya. Sesape kat utara ni jemputlah visit our booth kat A5. Yang bertema biru tu..Tapi bukan I pun yang busy kat situ..tapi my staff le..:-) Tapi I akan jenguk2 le gak..

Good Bye KP


lemongrass said...

Hope you and Wak will get to do what you've always dreamt of with the family (whatever it is ;-)).
Like you said, the older you get, your priorities change with time :-).

3AS said...

Thanks...Yup..our priorities do change as we get older. You made the change earlier than him..:-)