Sunday, June 20, 2010

Minggu Membaca & Dinner @ Gold Coast

This week mmg malas nak update blog. My spare time was spent reading books which I bought last week. I started with a malay novel but half-way thru the book, I lost the book after putting it on the bookshelf the previous nite. Hairan bin ajaib betul! I searched all over the house but couldn't find it. Since K.Jun cuti, sms bertanyakan buku tu tak berbalas but Farah did answer she didn't see the book. When I asked the princesses, semua tak ngaku ambik, but, Baby did laugh when I asked her. Gelak besar pulak tu..macam tak caya je dia ni coz she likes to throw stuff thru the window. Finally, bila K.Jun balik keja, dia jumpa bawah sofa..I did search under the sofa, tapi tak jumpa pun..Ni mmg confirm Baby yang baling bawah sofa..
 So, bila tak jumpa buku tu, I started on a new book by Sophie Kinsella, 'The Undomestic Goddess'. Actually dah lama ada orang recommend books by Kinsella tapi tak pernah baca. Pernah tgk movie ' A Confession by Shopaholic' je. But, of course movies & books tak sama. Well, now I can add another favourite author to my list. :-).
 Early of the week, we brought Mak & Ayah to have dinner at a seafood restaurant just opposite Pulau Jerjak & next to Gold Coast Condo..( Bukan Gold Coast, Aussie ye..hehe ). Hujan le pulak. So, plan nak picnic cancel la. Ila yang recommend tempat ni. I ada a few times ke Gold Coast tu masa my friend CT stayed there. But, since dia pindah balik Singapore, mmg tak pegi dah pun. So, tak perasan lak ada a very nice seafood restaurant just outside the condo. Mmg mlm tu meratah je lauk2. Punya sibuk meratah sampai lupa nak ambik photos. Sempat ambik appetiser je..:-) Restaurant tu nama Sri Pantai kut. Ada 3 restaurant kat situ. This one yang hujung sekali.

Waiting for our food. Boleh nampak bot2 nelayan where they got their supplies.

Sotong celup tepung yang yummy & fresh. We ordered 4 plates. The princesses love 'em.

Afif & Adalia

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