Friday, March 5, 2010

Bersantai @ Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Last weekend we decided to go to BMLR to celebrate Alysa's birthday, as well as letting them play at the swimming pool. Baby was the happiest splashing at the pool. Sampai tanak keluar pool.

As usual, we checked in on Saturday afternoon. Malam tu we had dinner at Le Lac Cafe. They were having international buffet there. Normally, they had BBQ buffet on Saturday night, but since the BBQ area was booked for a company's family day, they changed it to international buffet inside the cafe. The food was nice but Adik only ate fruits & crackers. Alysa had desserts & buns dunk in mushroom soup. Nasib tak kena bayar untuk diorang. Otherwise it would be an expensive dinner of a few grapes! :-). Hubby & I yang pulun makan macam nak pecah perut..hehe.. Actually, I makan macam orang lain makan je, tapi may be since perut kecik kut, bila makan lebih sikit macam nak pecah perut. Tu nasib tak minum. After strolling around the resort & balik bilik baru I boleh minum..:-)

Dinner @ Le Lac Cafe

The next day, the princesses headed to the swimming pool & had a blast splashing. Jumpa pulak our neighbours who'd just finished their family day there. Since the princesses belum pandai swimming ( considering Alysa pun baru hilang phobia kat swimming pool! ), we all just lepak kat swimming pool for kids.

Splashing @ the swimming pool

A couple nights ago, I made lasagna untuk menghabuskan stok capsicum yang berlambak & spagheti sauce yang ada sikit lagi. Made in a small casserole enough for Hubby & I. Surprisingly, Alysa & Baby pun makan...

My lasagna yang tak cantik..:D

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