Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Alysa

You are a great joy in our lives
We love you and cherish you and treasure you
and wish that every one of your birthdays
will be the happiest yet.

We wish you fine and simple pleasures
We wish you many years of laughter
We wish you all of life’s best treasures
We wish you happily ever after

Happy 5th Birthday to my sweetheart, Alysa. May you have good health and bright future.

Initially Hubby planned to celebrate Alysa's birthday this Friday since it's a public holiday. But, we later decided to celebrate today as we had other plans for her this weekend. Furthermore, most of her friends won't be able to come if we do it on Fiday as it's a long weekend. They would be out with their families as we normally did on weekends.

Since we only decided to celebrate her birthday today, on monday afternoon, the preparation was quite hasty. We started inviting limited number of her friends yesterday. I started making her cakes & bread pudding last night & continued baking muffins this morning. Then, went shopping for goodies to her friends just before going off to work.The main dish was prepared after i got home from work at 2.30pm. Memang kalut. But, Everything was ready by 5 pm..of course with the help of K.Jun & her family. Farah fried the nuggets & sausages while Siti prepared the goody bags. Hubby & I made the final touches to decorations, putting up balloons and arranging furnitures. K.Jun also prepared fried meehoon & agar2 pandan. Ila made peach pudding.

When asked what kind of cake did she want for her birthday, she said " I want white cheese cake!". So , after tercari-cari resepi yang sesuai, i decided to make 'White Chocolate Cheese Cake'. The recipe was a combination of a few recipes. But, it's too sweet for my taste. Tapi yang penting the birthday girl loves it. She also raved about the bread pudding.. " Sape masak ni?.. Pandai mama masak.. Hmm sedap.." Hehe..kembang mama dia. Hilang penat memasak dengar anak puji..

White Chocolate Cheese Cake

Cutting the cakes & blowing the candles

All in all, she's happy with the celebration. Got to play with her friends. But she said the tricycle we got her is too big for her! ( Hubby bought the gift after lunch, main beli je..) .Actually dia yang penakut..:-) So, Abang Aman yang rasmi tricycle dia. Her old tricycle dah mmg kecik le for her.

The princesses posing with Alysa's new tricycle

With her friends

With Adik & the food served


Packy @ Mawar Merah said...

Hee...Hepi Besday gak to Alysa..makin come anak U, mukanya sentiasa senyum dan hepi jer...

ain said...

happy 5th bday to Alysa. Semoga membesar jd anak solehah dn diberkati Allah hingga khir hayat!!!

3AS said...

Thanks..Comei mcm mama dia la..haha..Alysa tu sokmo tersenyum..:-) Makin bulat & montel..:D

Thanks..and Amin...

Ana.Elianas said...

comel-comel anak-anak u..happy belated birthday to alysa

3AS said...

Thanks for the wish..