Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jump For Joy

'Jump! Jump For Joy...'. Anyone whose kids love Jojo's circus or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse must've heard this phrase numerous times! The princesses love the shows so much that even Baby was saying "Jump! Jump" yesterday while jumping around the house. Kelakar le pulak tengok dia..Suka sangat walking around aimlessly that she hit the wall a few times. Sampai benjol2 dahi.

Benjol dahi langgar dinding. Mama dia sapu cream..:D

Still benjol dahi..

Another ' Jump for joy' occasion was last weekend when my niece Izatul got engaged to Amin. Congratulations to both of them. I was assigned to prepare chocolates & a cake ( macam le I pandai sesangat!hehe..) for hantaran. Tapi I ngelat. I made White Choc Almond which were much nicer..The cake..well..K.Jun volunteered to do the cake. She let Along the chef ( her son )decorated the cake. It turned out very nice indeed. Suka I.. Tak payah bertungkus lumus buat kek yang I tak pandai nak hias..hehe..

Berdebar2 tunggu bakal ibu mertua sarungkan cincin..;-). Kek & Almond tu kat depan sekali..

We promised to give 5 hantaran tapi ended up with 7. Best le family Amin dapat hantaran yang sedap2 tu..;-). Food mmg banyak le mak & kak prepared for the guests sampai everyone boleh tapau lagi.

After 2 days in Jitra, we came back early to attend a kenduri at K.Hani's house. Tapi singgah Jusco dulu to pick up something we ordered at a store there. The princesses loved playing around at a playground set up in Jusco. Sampai tak nak balik...

Happy princesses..

A couple days ago tekak terasa le pulak nak makan scones. After tercari2 resepi yang senang2, I made Basic Scones. Memang senang & sedap. Resepi kat sini

Basic Scones

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