Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby's antics & newly acquired skills

At 16m.o, Baby has acquired new skills faster than Alysa & Adik were when they were at this age. At this age, Alysa was babbling incoherently. Baby can now utter few words. Mainly basic survival words..:-) eg "cece.. ( as in susu ), " nak nak", " Ayaq" ( pekat lak loghat utara dia..:D), and of course mama , papa, kakak etc.

The other day, she had tea-break all by herself. Initially, K.Jun put tuna pasta into Alysa's bowl. Since Alysa was full, she left it on the dining table. So, Baby climbed onto a chair, seated herself comfortably, then started to feed the pasta herself. The best thing was, she finished off the whole bowl with only 1 or 2 pcs dropped on the floor. Quite an achievement! She's very independent. She likes to do things herself. She would take off her pants when it's time for her bath. Then, put her clothes in the laundry basket.

Tapi dia ni jenis pantang kena tegur. Melalak sakan or lagi kitaorang larang, lagi le syok dia nak buat. Like the last time we went to Pantai Bersih. While the princesses were busy making sand castle, Baby was busy putting sand in her mouth..not just once, but 3 times! Kesian.. Mama dia bagi makan tak cukup le tu, sampai pasir pun dia makan! hehe.. bila I korek mulut dia nak buang pasir, dia gigit my hand sekuat hati.

Pinjam sunglasses K.Ngah jap..

Baby's tea time

Yummy sand!

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