Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monkey & banana

Alysa has ways to get what she wants & to get out of troubles. Pandai ayat budak ni :-). Last nite she requested banana before her dinner. I told her NO since she promised to have dinner if we went to the playground. So, after dinner ;

Alysa: Papa, kakak nak banana please..... ( Part please panjang tu yang lemah tu.)

Her papa gave her one. Since may be she was still full after her dinner,

Alysa: Papa, Monkey eat banana ( while giving the peeled banana back to her papa.)


Well, that's her way to get away from being reprimanded for wasting food.

On another topic, I made muesli bar last nite. Since Hubby & Adik love this stuff, I normally made this once a week for their breakfast or teabreak.


Sizuka said...

wah! muesli engkau nampak sangat cantik :)

3AS said...

Mestilah... tgk la sape buat tasted good too.. Ko punya pun nampak menarik apa. Tapi since we all tak suka manis sgt, normally aku tak masuk sweet cereals.