Sunday, May 31, 2009


Since it's school holiday, ( won't affect me though since the princesses are not in school yet.) everyday we have wedding invitations. Yesterday we went to 2 weddings at Mamak Zakaria's & Hj Jamil's ( the ADO ).

Since lunch was loaded with rice, I made simple dinner last nite. Just Grilled Cheezy Dory & Potato Salad. Alysa & Adik loved the fish.

Grilled Cheezy Dory & Potato Salad

While talking to mak on the phone last nite, she said my nephews & nieces were coming over today. So Ila & I made plans for dinner. She'd prepare her signature dish, fruit salad and also a new recipe...( We made plans at a wedding!).

The spread we managed to prepare..

Clockwise: Durians given by mak (yum..yum..), Ila's fruit salad, Roasted Chicken ( so juicy....), Fettucine with Creamy Tomato Sauce, Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes, Creamy Orange Sauce, Ila's Cup cakes ( Don't know the name but it tasted good.. Alysa polished off 2 ).

With all the creamy & cheezy stuff that we've eaten tonight, some people would have to go on diet for a week! ( including me too...hehe..). Tapi since ada orang yang buat air sedap (Hubby la tu..bodek sikit haha..) yang ala2 masam tukan, to pacify those on diet, kira potong calories la tu..look who's talking! Other health & medical professionals who read this , pejam mata jelah with this theory okay? Wakaka...

Hubby went to play badminton tonight to burn off the calories he had loaded at dinner. Dia sorang je yang exercise. Other people ( u know who..) exercise mata je ( or may be suara ) watching Jangan Tegur..??

Looking at those delicious spread, Alysa managed to eat 2 cupcakes , 2 bowl of honey stars , a few glasses of Nestle strawberry yogurt drink & a bite of chicken. ( At least she ate!) Adik only ate a few bites of chicken, durian, honey stars & 2 bowl of milk ( prepared to be eaten with honey stars actually). Baby...telan air liur jelah ye sayang.. Hi...penat mama masak. Anak2 mama makan merapu je.

Adik & baby masa on the way to grocery shopping. Baby nampak lagi besar dari Kak Ngah! Masa shopping tu ada la >10x budak curly hair tu (aka adik la..) melalak due to 1 reason after another. Sigh... Letih betul..


ila said...

:D...laaa.. ada manusia tersesat la plak kat ctu... ish.. terdedah urat la plak... aiii.. ni hubby i nmpk ni... mare ni... mmm anyway... semuanya yummy... mmmm sedap... masih terasa lagik ni..

3AS said...

Ooopps... sorry. nanti I tempek gambar my princesses la...:-)