Friday, May 22, 2009


This blog is created to document the growing up process of my 3 beloved princesses and my new interest in cooking.

Kids grow up so fast that sometimes you missed a new stuff that they did. If you don't spend time with them, you might miss their 1st smile, 1st step, 1st word etc. You might forget when they started calling you mama & papa. So, this documentation is for me to remember things that they did.

My eldest, Alysa 4 y.o also called alys, lysa, kakak or kak long is a chubby, sweet kid. People always commented that she always smile. She finished Iqraq 1 just before she turned 4 y.o last feb. She teaches herself to spell through watching 'Wordworld' on astro PHDC & her trusted computer.

My beautiful Ayra 2 1/2 y.o a.k.a adik or kak ngah is a cry baby ( I love her anyway..). She learns abc through her computer as well. But if she spelled words, she read it backward! She likes beautiful stuff & always like to be pampered.

My youngest, Adalia 7 m.o or baby is in the process of crawling. Watching her smile wipes away all my problems & worries. She can roll her tongue in a way that nobody in the family can. When she's bored, she'll just lie on her tummy with both hands under her chin & watches tv. Other than that she's always gnawing something e.g her sisters' books, toys or anything that she can put her tiny fingers on!

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