Monday, May 25, 2009

Late Night Singing

Last nite Adik couldn't sleep early. She missed her usual afternoon nap, so she ended up taking a nap at 6-7pm while we were on the way home from shopping. Tu pun kena kejutkan..

So, last nite she was in her singing mode at 12 midnight! Singing from 'twinkle, twinkle little star' to selawat shifa to 'good night, sweet dreams'..well, singing every lullaby & songs that she knew. While singing she made up mama's hair & face... combing my hair; putting baby powder on my face, feet & every single marks on my body ( the ones that she could see of course..). She even sang this song that i couldn't comprehend. It went ' dak, dak billoo billoo billooo'.. Alysa's version was ' dak, dak ballo ballo ballo'..????? Mana ntah diorang pick up this song. The thing about these 2, they just hear any song once, then they can sing the song already with their version of course!

Back to adik, she managed to sleep at 1 am. Jenuh le nak menunggu dia tido. She have to be asleep before we can put her in her room. Otherwise dia kacau Alysa. On the other hand, Alysa has her bedtime routine. After finishing of her milk in the living room , she will go into her room & sleep on her own. Senang kan?

Here goes the photos of the princesses:

Cute & bubbly Alysa Safira..

Beautiful & sweet Ayra Safiyya..

Adorable & pretty Adalia Safwa..

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ila said...

amboi adalia...
mcm tau2 je org nak tgkp gmbq dia..
senyum menawan...