Sunday, December 5, 2010


I finally had the op on 1st Dec 2010. We are blessed with a baby girl weighing 2.94 kg. Adik baby is doing fine.
There were a lot of complications with me. Masuk OT ard 10am. Tp I sedar after 5 pm. Warded at ICU for 1 day before transferred to maternity ward. I loss a lot of blood, 3.8L. ( our usual blood volume is btw 5-6L ). Was transfused 7 pints of blood. Had pp stage 4 with p. accreta anterior & posterior. There was also bladder injury. Had to be kept on CBD for 2 weeks. Mcm2 complications. Before the op, the gynae said she was also worried about my case! I yg dgr of course la lg berdebuk- debaq. Suspense giler.. Tapi berkat doa family & friends, Allah makbulkan doa hamba2Nya.
Td dah discharged. Adik Baby kuning sikit. Tp follow up dkt Bertam je. As for me I kena pegi HSAH on the 8th & 15 th dec for follow up. Thanks to all doctors, nurses & staff kat maternity ward, OT & ICU @ HSAH. Layanan & services mmg baik. Adik Baby ni kira murah le delivery cost dia. Only a fraction from those of the elder princesses':-)
To Airis Sara, my new princess, semoga menjadi anak yang solehah.

Note: will upload her photos later bila I dah blh guna laptop.


lemongrass said...

What a sweet name.
Alhamdulillah everything went well. Teruk jugak your condition ye with pp stage 4 and p.accreta lagi + bladder injury.
Can there be another baby after this or all were C-sections as well?
Take care and hopefully you and Adik Baby selamat menjalani pantang :-).

3AS said...

K.Myn, thx. It was supposed to be a normal LSCS + BTL with my usual gynae. When he suspected the complicn, dia refer ke govt hosp. This is my 4th ceaser. In the end, bukn BTL, but wat subtotal hysterec.

ain (sweet thots) said...

zura... i x phm all the jargons u guna, hihi. tapi bunyinya pon dh sgt complicated n scary. can imagine how u felt gone thru all these. alhamdulillah, semua dah selamat. UjianNya utk u becoz He knows u r strong dear. I actually excited nak tgk pic of Airis ... maklum la lama x pegang baby sendiri nih... ;P Sedap nama, ejaannya pon unik ^_^

ain (sweet thots) said...
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3AS said...

Thx. Mmg ujian Allah...Nnt I upload photo Airis. Now update fr iPhone. Leceh skit.
Simply put, since this is my 4th ceaser, uri melekat kat parut2 tmpt operate lama kat uterus/ rahim. So , nk keluarkn uri tu byk la bleeding. Tu yg kena buang uterus. Lps tu pundi kencing pn luka coz ada gak uri melekat sikit. Kena pakai urine bag utk 2 wks. Now still sakit...