Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another birthday come & go

Yesterday, we celebrated my birthday in a simple way. I awal2 dah pesan kat Hubby jgn bli a whole cake when he asked what type of cake I wanted. Ni sbb takut tak habis & kalau ada byk, nnt I yg nk mkn byk! :-)
So, I got my requested Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence. The choice of cake bcos it's one of my fav. Another, sbb I biasa mkn masa dlm pntang kat Baby Adalia ( masa ni bday Adik ), ok je, tak de problem. Siap komplot dgn Ila ( masa tu dlm pntg kat Afif) smbunyi dr Mak & MIL dia. Klau bgtau awal2 kt diorg, mesti diaorg tk bg mkn..:-). For this bday, Hubby also bought KFC. Had them for tea. The princesses pulun KFC je. Cake tu diorg dh slow down. Dah kenyang kut..
Thx to the wishes from family & friends kat FB. Hope another year would be a great year. Semoga Allah merahmati & memberkati kami sekeluarga.

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