Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A day before the big day

Today is my 3rd day kat HSAH. Masuk ptg Ahad. Mlm tu jugak the gynae wat scan. Tp masa tu dia pun tak sure whether ada placenta percreta or not. In this case kena refer tmpat yg ada urologist, most probably HPP.
Yesterday wat doppler scan & found out it's p. accreta. So, he scheduled the op for tomorrow. But, he did outline the complications expected. I'm so worried but hoping for the best & miracle. Hr ni hr ramai Drs wat procedures & investigations. Amongst them, amik darah. 4x amik br dapat cukup darah. Sakit weh! Smpai lebam tgn I..:-( HO kut yg amik drh tu.. Lps tu kena sign 4 consent forms. Kena jumpa anaest. The op would be done under GA.
I'm lucky to get a single room. 2nd class dah penuh. So, they gave me an isolation ward which is very comfy but sejuk giler.. Tp kat sini Hubby tak leh tunggu la. Mak nak tunggu pun kesian kat dia coz tak de katil or sofa. So, lps op kut br dia tunggu.
Td the princesses dtg melawat. So happy to see them. Adik sibuk bertanya mama wat apa kat sini. Told her mama nak bawak adik baby balik..:-)
To family & friends, please du'a that everything will go well during the op. Td masa gynae wat round, diaorg ada mention that they reserved 6 pints of blood for me tomorrow. Hopefully tak de la excessive bleeding.
To Adik Baby, just know that, no matter what, mama will always love u forever. Harap semua berjalan lancar for both of us & Allah will protect us.
To Kakak, Adik @ Baby , my dearest princesses, u're the greatest gifts that Allah has given me. I love u all with all my heart.


lemongrass said...

Semoga Allah selamatkan Zuera and the baby and make everything go smoothly.

ila said...

insyaallah, smuanya akan selamat..
no need to worry.. i yakin, u bleh tempuhi smua ni.. u kan tak pernah mengalah since dr kecikkan.. ingat tak, apa2 pun mesti nak menang.. x kira sapa org tu.. kak ka.. abg ka.. and i ni of coz la sentiasa kalah.. okey, i pasti esok u bleh tempuhi smua ni dgn penuh semangat.. i nak tgk adik baby and mamanya selamat.. kita sama2 doa moga op esok berjalan lancar..
c u tomorrow evening.. luv u so much..

Ayu said...

salam 3as,
mudah2han semua dipermudahkan..insyaallah akak doakan semuanya akan selamt....

Ayu Safieza said...

Dear sis 3As,

I missed the part that u are expecting.....alhamdulilllah...may Allah swt blessed u both and the rest of the family and help you at ease...Insya'allah........things will be ok dear...:)

Packy @ Mawar Merah said...

Zuera, Moga slamat dan dipermudahkan segalanya...Amin.

Yati Ali said...

Semoga semuanye selamat..InsyaAllah

3AS said...

K.myn, Ila, k.ayu, ayu, k. Packy, & yati,
Thx. The op was a success eventhough with a lot of complications. I was discharged today. Both mama & baby are recovering.