Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ayra's 4th Birthday

 Yesterday was Adik's 4th birthday. We made a very small celebration. Only invited a few friends & neighbours with kids her age. Tak larat I nak buat besar2an. This time she initially requested a Mickey Mouse's cake, then Tweety. Tp since I tak jumpa gambar tweety, so buat jelah Mickey & Minnie mouse cake. First time tried my hands at cake decoration. Mmg le tersangatlah comotnya cake tu..:-) Dah tangan pun keras je. Tak berseni langsung! Hubby helped out with the decoration too..hehe.. Put the side icing. Anyway, yang penting Adik suka kek tu. But, tastewise, terkeras le sikit cake tu coz the nite before masa cake tgh masak, we went grocery shopping. So, bila balik cake terbiar about 2 hours dlm warm oven. Rasa mcm nak buat cake lain tp dah mls coz dah tgh malam dah!
 For menu, I prepared bihun soto, nuggets & custard jelly ( tgk kat dapur ain @ sweetthots ). Ila made puding trifle. K.Jun bawak seafood kueteow goreng ( mmg marvelous ) & betik. Lain2 as usual la for kid's party ada tit bits, jajan & goody bags. All food ngam2 je.

To Adik, Happy 4th Birthday.

Every year, on your birthday,
We think about how glad we are
that you were born,
how thankful we are
to have you in our lives.

Every year is another year
filled with the special joys you bring
just by being yourself.

Every year, when you open your birthday gifts,
realize what a gift you are
to everyone who knows you,
especially us.

Happy Birthday! 
The birthday girl

My Sweet Princesses

Cutting the cake
The birthday cake


ila said...

kek tu masa mkn kt umah u, rasa besa ja.. mungkin pasai perut penuh kot. mana taknya bantai mkn smpai 4 cup soto. then yg bwk blk umah simpn dlm fridge. dok mlm tu tgh study, terasa mcm nk mkn. then i mkn aaa kek tu.. mak aii.. sedap gler... licin tau.. hahaha.. rosak diet i.. huwaaa....

3AS said...

Ke masa tu u tgh kebuluq? ;-) makan tak hengat dunia..hehe..Hat tak sedap pun jd teramatlah sedapnya..