Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day & The Not Meant To Be Twin

I woke up on Sunday to the sound of " Mama, papa beli bear kat mama..Mama, papa beli bear kat mama.." in like a zillion times! :-) . Then, " Mama, papa suruh bangun.." . Again, repeatedly. If you knew Adik, If I continued to sleep, my ears would be ringing with the same phrases the whole day! :D. Well, she actually could do that if she put her mind to it.
 So, reluctantly I woke up & wash my face. Then, she said " Happy mother's day!" chirpily. For a 3 y.o who actually couldn't comprehend what mother's day is all about, she actually did a good job. Terharu I.. Then, terharu gak tengok Hubby prepared breakfast ( Not that he cook himself! Main tunjuk2..hehe..) with little presents & a cake from Secret Recipe. Siap set meja lagi.. Our breakfast was nasi lemak, mini mutabak, fruit juices & milo. The white bear tu mmg my gift tapi now dah jadi kawan Baby coz she claimed it as hers.

The prezzies & breakfast & The chirpy 3 y.o

 Mother's Day was not normally a big affair in our household, but I did get something every year at Hubby's initiative. After breakfast we went to Kulim. Saje ronda2. Siap lalu depan my hubby's college which he left years ago. Siap confused lagi antara Kolej Mara Kulim & MRSM PDRM Kulim. When he did his matriculation, it was named MRSM. Now, they call it Kolej Mara Kulim. So, after a few times of going to Kulim previously, we finally found his old college! Punya le lama sampai lupa..Then, had lunch & window shopping at Jusco.
 Yesterday, after ukur jalan, when we got home, I noticed some spotting. Since the same thing happened last week & it stopped, I thought of just ignoring it. But today, it still didn't go away. So, it's time to see Dr Zainol, my gynae. After the scan, we found out we might actually have twin, but 1 foetus was not viable anymore..:-( So, the bleeding was from that sac. It was an awesome feeling of initially conceiving a twin! Tapi semua adalah hikmahNya. We might not be able to cope with twin..or it might be risky for me since this would be my 4th ceaser. Alhamdulillah, the other foetus is fine. Tapi still ke jab gak as a precaution. I was advised to take it easy. Masa Adik dulu kena bedrest for a week. This time kira okay le tak kena bedrest, cuma take it easy je.. Dalam Hubby's family mmg ada adik dia yang twin. In my family, my aunty Mak Chum mmg ada twin. So mmg le ada family history of twins..


sweet thots said...

salam zura...
seronokkan to have twins... xpe lah, mcm u kata He knows what's best for us. yang penting u sihat & selamat, bahagia dunia & akhirat.
Take care!

3AS said...

Tu la...He knows best. Kalau dapat twin mmg la best nak2 pulak dah penutup ni..Tapi pikir balik, mampu ke? :-)