Monday, October 19, 2009

Watermelon Farm & Fishermen's Village

" Mama, wake up! it's morning. Let's have breakfast. I'm sooo hungry". I was awakened by Alysa. Well, it's her normal lines if she wanted to wake me up. Gosh! It was after 10am already & we were supposed to meet the others to go a watermelon's farm at 10am. We were having jamuan raya at Masjid AtTaqwa that nite & someone wanted to donate his first harvest for the jamuan raya.

So, after getting the princesses ready & giving them breakfast of egg sandwiches, we headed for Titi Hayun, Yan, Kedah where the watermelon farm was situated at 11.30am. We arrived there at nearly 12.30pm. It was a nice weather. We tasted the sweet & juicy watermelon & were given one to be brought home. Later, we wanted to have a picnic at Titi Hayun waterfall but couldn't find a parking spot. So, we decided on going to Tanjung Dawai instead. To Kedahans, Tanjung Dawai is well known as a Fishermen's village. But, we've never been there..:(

At watermelon farm, Titi Hayun

We had lunch in Tanjung Dawai..and it was soo cheap. Imagine kuey teow kerang with more kerang than kuey teow ( exaggerate le pulak hehe..) is only RM2. A big bowl of bihun sup with heaps of chicken is only RM2.50. We ordered 2 bowls of bihun sup, 2 plate of kuey teow, 2 bowls of ABC & air asam..all these cost us only RM13. Murah kan? The best thing was that we got to enjoy the nice seaview & cooling breeze. Baby slept throughout our lunch enjoying the original 'air-cond'. May be some day we'd come again in the evening to try ikan bakar at Medan ikan Bakar.

Enjoying our lunch at Tanjung Dawai

After lunch, we went to the fishermen's village. We also went to the jetty, but all the fresh fish that was just brought up was sold out. We stopped to buy belacan ( we rarely used belacan at home except when mak came over ), anchovies & a few packets of dried fish. We later stopped at Sg Merbok Jetty not far from Sg Petani. Just enjoying the nice view there.

Had fun at Taman Rekreasi Jeti Sg Merbok

Keletihan after a long day..

On the way home, we didn't miss the opportunity to buy fresh seafood sold just accross the road from the jetty. Ketam nipah was only btw RM8 to RM14 per kg depending on sizes. Giant Clams ( I tak tau nama dia actually :D) was only RM2 per kg. Lala & Kepah was sold at RM4 per kg or RM10 for 3kg. So for the next few days we'd be feasting on seafood la..yumyum..

Baby 3x tido during the travelling..

Last nite we had jamuan raya ( yes, again..) at masjid attaqwa. Punya la ramainya orang! More than a thousand ( betul ke ni?) people turned up. Alysa closed the nite by wailing at the top of her lungs bcos she didn't get an icecream that was being distributed. Malunya.. Luckily someone gave it to her while we were pulling her to the car to buy 1 for her :-). Masa tu Adik dapat ice cream but Alysa didn't coz dah habis & Adik didn't want to share hers ( Ni mood tak nak share le ni.)


Sizuka said...

alahai.. kesiannya tgk anak2 engkau tido, sampai ternganga. sure kepenatan sgt2 :)

3AS said...

Mmg kepenatan sesangat..:-) yelah dari pagi sampai petang berjalan..Aku pun lagi penat tp tak le tido sampai ternganga..:D

siti fadilah said...

pliss share with me the watermln farm.. i need their adress..ASAP!!

3AS said...

Siti fadilah,
I don't know the address but it's just before the entrance of Titi Hayun, Yan, Kedah & on the right side of the road.If u're really interested, I can get the owner's hp for u.