Monday, October 12, 2009

Picnic @ Pantai Bersih

It's been a week since i last wrote in this blog. Everyday mengadap laptop but bz with other stuff. Yelah, since new product launching, sibuk la pulak nak promote, taking orders, contacting & dealing with wholesalers & distributors. Thanks to all friends who gave tremendous supports in terms of purchasing IdealSlim & giving testimonials, promoting to their friends, & selling it. Ada kawan2 kat Aussie & UK pun tolong beli sama. I really appreciate all your supports especially the ex-stfians, AUSMAT group, xperthgroup, & of course to geng2 pharmacists.

Our weekends were normally spent at shopping complexes. How boring! So, this week we decided to have a picnic somewhere. Kat Malaysia ni bukannya banyak nice picnic spots. Kalau ada, berpusu2 orang kat situ. We picked Pantai Bersih as it was convenient. Tapi nak ke situ kena bayar tol lagi. Pathetic kan? Yelah coz the best area is at R&R. We brought mihun goreng, leftover from our lunch & barang2 dapat hamper from the previous nite's jamuan raya. The weather was nice. The princesses love it. But only Adik took a walk along the beach with me. Alysa, melekat je kat our picnic spot watching people flying kites. Baby kitaorang biar je kat dlm stroller since she was in a good mood. Nanti kalau angkat dia, buat hal lak.. After solat maghrib, kat R & R tu, we went to have dinner at McD. But everyone was so full, we ended up tapau je..

Enjoying the nice weather..

On Saturday nite, we had jamuan raya kat our dewan komuniti untuk residents kat my area. My residential area ni mmg ramai yang aktif organise this kind of thing. Semua sekepala je. We had sate, mee kari, tapai, ketupat, lemang, rendang, fruits, kuih raya etc. We also have lucky draws. Since hubby jadi pengerusi persatuan penduduk, dia pun kena le cabut hadiah. Tgk2 cabut nama sendiri, haha.. Tapi hadiah memang byk pun coz ramai sponsors. Petang tu kitaorang pegi cari hadiah gak to contribute. Actually, nak cari present to our friend's parents' 40th anniversary. Diaorang buat surprise party for the parents after asar. Since dah tgh shopping beli sekali le hadiah untuk lucky draws. Kalut gak sampai tak sempat untuk tolong persiapan jamuan raya..

For lucky draw, I'm sure Alysa was the happiest. She's been pestering us to buy maggie monster but we forgot about it. Tup2 Papa dia dapat hamper siap ada maggie monster lagi.. Happy le dia coz now not only she got 1 small pack but a big pack!

The princesses baru bangun tido, posing with the hamper.

Jamuan Raya TBI Fasa 6

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