Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tepuk Amai Amai

Tomorrow is my cheeky Baby's 1st birthday. We're not gonna celebrate tomorrow but the day after at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. So, we've booked enough rooms for everybody who's confirmed to go.

Unlike Alysa's & Ayra's 1st birthday, this is gonna be a low-keyed celebration. But hopefully a memorable one. Not to her of course but to us..:D. I haven't decided on the menu yet. May be just light & easy as it's supposed to be for dinner. As for cake, i decided to make blueberry cheesecake a requeast by hubby ( teringat2 K.Ana's blueberry cheesecake..yumyum..) for the event & kalau rajin may be another pound cake. So, we'll see what is it gonna be..Hmm..

Nearing her 1st birthday Baby has turned so cheeky. She has learned so many new stuff eg when we sang 'tepuk amai-amai', she'd immediately clap her hands merrily while babbling her current fav " ta...ta..ta..ta..". When she got her tiny hands on a whistle, she'd put it in her mouth & tried to whistle. Of course not the sound of the whistle that we hear, but the sound of her voice mimicking the whistle's sound. She definitely couldn't see a handphone, or else we'll see her put it to her ear as in conversation. Another of her actic is she'd put a hijab on her head if she could find one. There are so many things that she learned in these short months which are amazing. But, of course she still cannot walk yet..Well, may be after her 1st birthday..:-)

Tepuk Amai Amai


A couple days ago we got very nice & yummy cheese cakes from K.Ana. Not 1 but 3! All were delicious. Alysa loved the one with swirl on top. Hubby & I loved the blueberry cheese cake. So soft & melt in your mouth type. TQ so much K.Ana.. Sesapa kat North ni berminat nak belajar nak buat cakes & cake decorating, silalah ke sini. Ni sneak preview of what you'll learn in her classes..


Mawar Merah said...

Zura..kat mana nak belajaq tuh, minat nak belajaq jer...buat belum tau lagi...hehehe....

3AS said...

Kat blog dia ada address kut. Cuba check kat situ..K. Ana ni zuera pun tak pnah jumpa lg. Hubby's pt.. Jom kita p blajaq sama2..Tapi bila yek? hehe..

ila said...

nak join jgk. nak p nnt bgtau na.

3AS said...

K.Ana bagitau yang kosong lagi kelas utk cheese cakes. Yang lain dah penuh. Nak check schedule tgk kat blog dia..