Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zuera IdealSlim

After months of planning , negotiating & registration process, we are finally ready to launch our first product. But, I was not really satisfied with the colour of the actual box. Looking at the artwork, the colour was totally different i.e sky blue. After printing, it turned to blue greenish. It looks weird & plain. Oh well, there must be a hiccup for any new product launch.

So anyone who would like to slim the easy way or just want to detox, please visit here . Official company website will be launched later. We are also looking for distributors.


ila said...

waa.. cun aaa design ni.. mmm.. i nak jd testimoni la.. hik3..

Mawar Merah said...

Ila. akak pun nak try..nak bagi testimoni gak...mana tau boleh kurus 2-3 kilo, macam zaman dolu2.

3AS said...

ila &, Boleh try.. menjadi boleh jadi testimoni..:-)Nanti boleh la pakai seluaq & baju kebaya dolu2..hehe..

sweet thots said...

wah, zuera..
maju setapak lagi.
congrats! biar i jd distributor nya.. hihi

3AS said...

Thanks. Boleh nak jadi distributor. Interested, email, call or sms me. I'll let u know the price for distributors..:-)