Monday, September 7, 2009

Raya Shopping

The past 2 days were spent shopping for raya. I like...:-) On Saturday, Hubby & I went to Pacific Megamall. ( We didn't bring the princesses, but I took their measurements earlier). We managed to buy some gowns for the princesses. I bought a few stuff for myself. Surprisingly, Hubby only bought a t-shirt for himself! I think that was because of the time constrain. We had to get back before 4pm as Hubby had to go to work. So, we only shopped for less than 2 hours. Mana cukup!hehe..Tu pun by the time we got home, Hubby had to rush to the clinic coz patients were already waiting for him.

So, on Sunday we continued the unfinished shopping spree. This time at Jusco. Initially we wanted to leave the princesses with K.Jun but Alysa would rather stay with Tok & Tok Ayah. In the end, we decided to bring her. Ha padan muka nak ikut sangat! Sampai tak terlarat nak jalan. She begged us to please stop for a while. She wanted to just sit down..haha.. This time we bought shoes for the princesses. It was sooo difficult to find shoes for Alysa as she has chubby feet. Most designs for her age were for dainty feet..:D . Finally we bought white & pink sandals for Alysa & Ayra. I got a few stuff for myself too. But, it was weird that Hubby only got a few stuff for himself ( What? still no pants & clothes for u sayang? ) But..But... After zohor prayer we stopped by at an electrical outlet....Guess what? Hubby wanted to buy an LCD tv after surveying those on display. What! Buying a few thousands worth item without surveying other outlets? So, I stepped in. Telling him NO. May be next time after we surveyed a few outlets for different models. Nanti dah beli model tu terberkenan kat model lain nyesal lak! Bukannya nak beli selalu.. I told u he's an impulsive shopper! Oh by the way, while passing by an outlet on the way to the surau , we noticed this nice comforter set( sempat lagi..). Terus sambar satu after solat. We wanted to buy for mak as well but leceh nak bawak. So, we decided to buy for her later. We spent 5 hours at Jusco. No wonder Alysa dah tak larat jalan hikhik.. By the time we finished, it was nearly 5pm. Kelam kabut balik nak masak.

Last nite I temankan mak ke ekspo kat belakang rumah je.. Penat giler shopping yesterday! We found a nice comforter set kat ekspo tu. So, I bought 1 for mak. Tak payah dah ke Jusco to buy 1 for her..She also bought a tikar. I jugak kena bawak tikar tu. Nasib rumah dekat je.. Banyak betul tudung2 with latest trend. Rambang mata.. But I didn't buy 1 yet. I'll go later. Tak pe rumah dekat je..

The past 2 days since mak & ayah ada kat rumah, kena la masak beriya sikit. Ila & family had iftar at my house on Saturday. Masak la apa2 yang patut. But lauk on Sunday lagi meriah. Ada lauk kenduri yang taman I buat untuk berbuka kat masjid. So, every home got the nasi tomato & lauk2. Mak pulak beriya masak kerabu pelam & perut, masak lemak lidah, goreng limpa ( I made this coz mak said I prepared it so nice & soft hehe..). Counting the dishes..memang penuh meja la. But there were only 3 of us for iftar. Hubby berbuka kat dewan komuniti together with the rest of the helpers for kenduri berbuka. Banyak lauk tak habis! But knowing mak, she'd know what to do with them ( May be it'd be the chickens' menu :-) ). Dia angkut bawak balik Jitra today.

Since I forgot to take all the nice& yummy dishes, layan jelah photo the princesses & mini murtabak I made for iftar at ila's house on Friday.


ila said...

hehehe.. ala.. x dak juga gmbq masa iftar kat umah u... masing2 pakat lupa nak snap... ghugi2..

Sizuka said...

engkau pun dah terkena virus shopping.. hehehe. aku belum beli lagi shoes for the girls. erm.. bila aku nak gi shopping lagi ni? cam malas je nak keluar. sakit kaki shopping kat sogo hari tu pun tak habis lagi.

3AS said...

Tu la semua kalaut nak makan sampai lupa nak snap gambar..

Ko shopping lagi sakan.. Sampai pinggan mangkuk pun baru..hehe.. Aku pun belum habis shopping lagi. Hubby aku nak gak beli lcd tv tu. Esok kena teman dia. Hari ni shopping dgn my sis.

Kak Teh said...

sedapnya mini murtabak! buat sendri?

3AS said...

murtabak buat sendiri using kulit popia. Inti modify CMG's recipe..:-) May be next time when u have the urge to eat murtabak,u can try making murtabak with kulit popia instead of roti canai..sedap..:D