Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eat till u drop

Alysa just loves to eat until we have to tell her to stop ( like a goldfish hehe... ). On the other hand, Adik doesn't like to eat & we have to force her to eat ( as if she listened to us! ).

On normal day, Alysa started her day eating cheese sandwiches ( She was adamant that K.Jun prepared it for her.. Lagi sedap kut Cik dia buat!). She ate 1 by 1 until sedar tak sedar dah habiskan 4 slices of bread. She can finish off 6 slices of bread if we didn't stop her! Yesterday, she started with fried chicken ( KFC style).Wallup the whole plate! Then down some nasi lemak with egg . When we got home for lunch, she started with watermelon which she managed to eat 3 bowls. Then she started asking for tuna pasta. By this time, I told her a definite NO. For dinner she had roasted chicken with creamy orange sauce. Still, she requested for dessert. I obliged & gave her ice cream. While she was eating all these stuff, Adik cuma makan 1 chicken wing, 2 small pieces of watermelon. Dinner lak, Adik makan a few small bites of roasted chicken. What a contrast!

No wonder both grow up to be so different in sizes eventhough they are only 1 year apart. The last time we weighed them, Alysa was at 20kg & Adik 12kg.... Sigh... Alysa dari skinny toddler to chubby kid. Adik pulak terbalik..from chubby baby to very skinny kid.

Layan je lah gambar2 diorang zaman2 kurus & chubby:-)

Alysa & Adik. Masa ni adik chubby betul..

Not so chubby Alysa..

Adik dengan pipi tembam..

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