Saturday, April 3, 2010

Everything Cheesy

Alysa loves cheese and everything cheesy eg cheese cakes , pasta with lotsa cheese. She'd put cheese on anything that can be eaten with cheese or on food that we don't normally put cheese in. Just the other day, she ate roti canai spread with mayonnaise, then shredded with cheese slices! ( She asked Cik Jun to do it for her of course..:-) ). She called it pizza. Well, actually she doesn't like normal pizza. But, with this version, she loves it so much..hehe..
 There were many menu that she modified to her taste. She even eats rice with cheese sometimes if we let her! No wonder she's so chubby..haha..But, she prefers buns and bread to rice. There were times when she did't eat rice a few days in a row. But, we 're not worried as she always find substitute in sandwiches. Just yesterday she made her own cheese sandwich for tea. So, she can fend for herself when we  leave her with Cik Jun next week when mama & papa go for hols..

Alysa's Cheese Sandwich

1. First, peel the crust from the bread..preferable Gardenia as it's so soft..Then, put some ketchup on the bread ( Kicap Maju ). Finally, shred 1 cheese slice into small pieces. Taraa.. it's ready to be eaten.
Note: Mama has nothing to do with this recipe..:-)

2. Get comfortable to enjoy your scrumptious sandwich..

3. Eat your sandwich


Sizuka said...

babe, anak2 aku pun suka yang amat dengan cheese. aku je yg dah tak lalu nak masak benda2 yg bercheese

3AS said...

Diaorang ni mmg hantu cheese esp Alysa & Adalia..So, aku pun mmg le nak kena masak western selalu..

MamaFaMi said...

Kalau macam ni kan, daddy dia kena bukak kilang cheese lah.... Esh nampak sedap semacam je Alysa makan. Berbunyi terus perut aunty ni!

3AS said...

Kalau bukak kilang cheese, confirm Alysa makin bulat gitu..:D.