Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Addition

I've been feeling tired lately. Initially, I blamed it on being jet-lagged. But, It's been a week since I got back from Beijing, there must've been something else. So, today I act upon the nagging feeling that there'd be another addition to the family soon. Sure enough, after the test, it's very clear that Baby is going to be a big sister by the end of the year. Alhamdulillah. We did plan to get another baby before Hubby is 40. Well, he's still 40 by the end of the year..:-)

Baby Adalia - Day 2. A wanna be big sis.

Adalia - 3 weeks old

 For closure, I really hope that we'd get a boy. But, girl pun tak kisah asalkan sihat & selamat & jadi anak solehah. Amin..So, as usual, I'll be seeing Dr Zainol in a few months time. Just the normal check- ups. We normally did the labtests at Hubby's clinic. So, kalau pegi kat Dr Zainol just for regular check-ups.
 When I got the result this afternoon, I've been thinking about the medication I took for allergy. Hopefully, it's ok. Another weird thing was, when we were doing the Foot Massage in Beijing, while being briefed, the coordinator asked me whether i was pregnant. Of course I denied. Pelik gak apasal dia cakap cam tu kat I instead of to Ila as well...since I lagi kurus dari Ila.hehe..Sorry Ila..Rupa2nya may be ada aura or air muka orang preggy kut masa tu eventhough I was not aware of it myself. He said kalau preggy tak leh urut kaki & since rendam kaki tu pun dalam herbal bath, so mmg tak recommend kat this group. Harap2 tak de apa2 masalah...Insyaallah.
 Since I won't be cooking oily stuff in a few months time, the Siakap Stim I made a few days ago would be a good menu. I normally would start having evening sickness after the second month which lasted after the fourth month. Siakap Stim ni mmg simple & juicy. Senang sesangat nak buat. i waktu2 cam ni mmg alah kat oily food.

Siakap Stim

1 ekor siakap ( I potong 2 )
1 tsp garam
2 tbs sos cili
2 tbs sos tiram
1 capsicum ( potong kecil )
1 tomato ( potong dadu )
1 inci halia ( hiris nipis )
1 bawang besar (di hiris nipis )

1. Lumur siakap dengan garam, sos cili dan sos tiram.
2. Taburkan bahan2 lain di atas siakap.
3. Stim selama 1/2 jam.
4. Hidangkan bersama nasi panas.


ila said...

waaa... congrats!! i nak tmbh anak sedara.. yuhuuu.... kali ni nk berpantang skali gak ker... hehehe...

sweet thots said...

tahniah zura.. take care!
hopefully my turn pulak lepas ni...
dah lama tunggu ni.. hihi.

3AS said...

jom la pantang sama2. Hujung tahun tu..:-). Betoi la hari tu masa kita urut kaki & u congratulated me masa Pak Edi tu tanya I pregnant ke.., mmg dah ada la tu..Ke anak Beijing?hehe..
Thanks. InsyaAllah lepas ni Ain lak, kut2 u all dpt girl pulak..Kita tukar senduk nak?:-)

Packy @ Mawar Merah said...

Congrats.......tambah lagi noo...
Kalau ujung taun selamat sket kut...enforcement dah penat keje..hehehe

3AS said...

Thx..ya betui...:-)