Tuesday, April 27, 2010

After 47 years..

 It's been raining everyday for the past few days. But, last Sunday siap with lightning & thunder. We were in the car from SP at that time. Kilat menyambar2 depan kereta sampai traffic light pun black out. Seriau je..Just found out yesterday that Hubby's PC kat office pun affected. Padahal switch tutup, cuma tak cabut je. Rosak teruk gak. Mother board rosak. Kat rumah bila time kilat, seriau je nak bukak computer.. & I pun mmg le malas betul nak mengadap laptop kat rumah. Nak update blog lagi le malas..:-)
 The previous week we celebrated mak & ayah's 47th anniversary. Konon2nye nak wat surprise..Tapi hampeh..:-) In the first place, Ila yg tak dapat join the celebration pegi wish kat Mak pagi2 buta, then kak pulak was supposed to get home early, so I didn't have to inform Mak & Ayah to get home early from surau. Tup2 Kak & Abang balik lambat coz they had to wait for the chicken chop they ordered. On top of that, the cheesecake that I made was so lembik coz Mak defrosted the fridge ( Mind u..switch off the fridge terus! ) since lunch & we cut the cake after dinner! Huwaa...Habis le kek ku terus tak menarik gitu..Lembik gilers..Tapi everything went smoothly. Yang kelakar, I didn't know kak & abang celebrated their 26th anniversary the same day! Bila Izatul ( my niece) tanya, I blur je la. Rupa2 nya Ibnu, the youngest yang tau..So, sorta double celebrations la walaupun kecil2an..

Blueberry Cheesecake

 I'm sure mak & ayah never celebrate their anniversaries in a lovey-dovey manner coz ayah is not a romantic person...hehe..Tapi kalau Hubby lupa our anniversary...maunya I muncung seminggu..haha..So far, he never fail to.. Eventhough, mak & ayah  never celebrate their anniversaries, I'm amazed & bersyukur that their marriage lasts this long. As far as I can remember, they are great parents. But of course they have faults too...Oh well, nobody's perfect! We really appreciate what they did to us. They made sure that every one of us got the best education that we could manage. I remembered, when I had to further my studies in Perth, Ayah couldn't send me off to the airport coz he was bedridden for a long time after an accident. That was the first time I saw Ayah's tears which really broke my heart. After a bad accident & 2 angiograms later , Ayah is still around to celebrate their 47th anniversary. Syukur..Alhamdulillah, we are who we are because of the opportunities given by them. Terima kasih mak & ayah. Happy 47th anniversary.

My beloved mak & ayah @ 67 & 69 y.o respectively on their 47th anniversary

Cucu2 diorang aka my sweet princesses at Taman Jubli baru2 ni..

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