Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ex-Perth Get-together

Last Saturday as planned, a few ex-Perth & their families who are residing in Kedah & Penang gathered at our house. The plan was to start at 3pm but the earliest to come were Sumai & Liza at around 4pm. Then Efi & Adib came. Buyung called to inform he couldn't make it as he had to go back to Alor Star. K.Hani said she'd come a bit later coz she had to attend to patients but at last didn't come. Busy le tu.. Rosdi finally came as we finished eating.

Food was aplenty. Masing2 bawak food macam le ramai yang nak makan. Ros bawak puding & sausage rolls sampai penuh a big bag enough to feed 50 people! Liza bawak spagheti siap dgn spagheti sauce in a big pot..Adib bawak popia made by everyone in her household. After everyone finished eating, there was still plenty of food. So, everyone dapat tapau all the food. The kids sibuk main sampai tak makan sesangat. Dapat chocolate was enough for them. Berebut2 nak tgk DVD & astro. But they got along well.

This get-together was a start for many more future meets. Since our house was near the highway & convenient for everyone to come, we volunteered for this meet. Lagipun semua dah pernah datang ke rumah we all so tak le susah2 nak cari rumah. It was great meeting everyone here. Hope to do it again in the future...perhaps kat orang masuk rumah baru.. Sumai? or Rosdi?:D

What we ate

Kaum bapa - Efi, Sumai, Rosdi & tuan rumah

Kaum ibu - Adib , Liza & Ros

Berborak be4 makan

Makan time

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