Saturday, November 24, 2012

Well Done, Adik!

 This was  the second time I attended the princesses' convocation. It was Adik's turn this year. 251 students graduated  this year. Adik got a few awards i.e ' Intensif Bahasa Malaysia ', ' Iqraq Tertinggi' & ' Bintang Tertinggi'. She got 3 out of 4 awards given to 6 y.o. I'm proud of you Adik. Terbaikk..:-) You are among the top 10 out of 251 students..

With her friends after receiving the scroll

Receiving one of the awards

 Hubby sent her off to Politeknik Seberang Prai where the ceremony was held at 10a.m. The convocation started at 2pm. Since dia masuk acara dikir barat, she had to be there early. We went there just in time before it started. Seronok tengok kanak2 from 3-6 y.o performed. They've trained hard for the past few weeks. My heart swelled with pride seeing her on stage performing & receiving awards. I think I would feel the same way for each and every one of my princesses. I'm proud of their achievements ( well, every parents do ) and feel blessed with great kids.

Singing ' Terima Kasih Cikgu' 

 After performances from the students, the 6 y.o finally received their scrolls to mark the end of their kindy year. The ceremony finished by 6.30pm. Kelam- kabut kitaorang pegi solat. Dah le jalan jammed dengan kereta parents. Lepas solat Asar, tanya Adik what she had for lunch? Tengok2 dia tak makan.. I don't know camna dia boleh miss lunch while other kids had nasi daging. May be sebab dia banyak rehearsals kut. Kesian anak mama. Memang kebulur la coz dia cuma makan roti canai for breakfast. Tupun sikit je. Terus bawak dia ke McD next to PSP. Tu pun dah 7pm!

 By the time we got home, it was already 8.30pm. What a long day.. The next day dah le dia ada exam Math. Ni lagi satu I tak faham. Why did they have convocation before the final year exam? Dah tanya teachers, diorang cakap tak tau..hmm..Hence, this year tak de award ' Akademik Tertinggi' macam Alysa last year.

Receiving her certificate

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