Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby' s 4th Birthday

Nowadays, Baby wants to be called ' Bay'. Ni kira shortform baby le. She said she's Bay while Airis is By ( bi ) Apa-apa jelah.. So now we started calling her 'bay' coz if we called her baby, she immediately corrected us.

Adalia's birthday is on 23rd Nov. We celebrated her birthday together with Hubby's majlis kesyukuran on the new biz. I wanted to buy Secret Recipe's choc indulgence. But the princesses requested for a cheesecake. Since I tak sempat buat cheesecake, I bought SR's choc cheesecake and managed to bake a chocolate cake. Tapi SR's choc cheesecake tu dry le pulak..:-( I think I could make better cheesecake. Tapi due to time constraint, terpaksa le telan je. Tapi macam tak puas hati le. Dah la presentation tak cantik!

Adalia is 4 years old

We made another cake for her to cut with her cousin, Afif Basyer who is 10 days older on the eve of Raya Haji.

Adalia & Afif with the other princesses & heroes

Bay dearest, Happy sweet 4th birthday. Stay sweet. Semoga menjadi anak yang solehah. We love you to bits.

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