Monday, December 12, 2011

Alysa & Ayra's Majlis Konvokesyen & Kecemerlangan

 Last Sunday on 4th Dec, Alysa & Ayra's kindy held their convo. Alysa had been practising for her performance for over a month. She still had to attend her practices even after school holidays started. She had to go to school as early as 7.30am and got back after 4pm when they had to practise at other branch. By the time she got back home she was really flat. Sometimes slept at 6pm until the next day. But she was an early riser. She'd woke up at 5am! Watching cartoons by herself... and got ready to go to school by 7 am.

On the convo day, Hubby had to send Alysa to Politeknik Permatang Pauh as early as 10am. The convo actually started at 2pm. I was worried Hubby would fall asleep while driving coz he only had 1 hour sleep the nite before as he had a day trip to KL the previous day. But, he managed to send Alysa safely.

 The convo started at 2 pm and we arrived just in time. But, we had to sit at the back as many parents were there earlier. The graduating kids were from 5 branches. There were over 300 kids to be awarded that day. Alysa got 2 awards i.e her graduation & best in academic for 6 y.o. Ayra got 2 in academic & iqrak tertinggi for 5 y.o. I was so proud of them as they were among the best out of nearly 300 students ( to be exact ; 262 six y.o and 295 five y.o ). Rasa macam sebak lak..hehe.. Anak baru graduated from kindy, mama emo la pulak!!haha..

 Alysa was involved in a performance too. They performed " Hambamu " . She looked confident & dah macam anak dara lepas kena solek by the teachers.. All in all, it was a day to remember . However, I wished I had a DSLR & photography skills to capture their best moments.Hmm..Lagipun tak menang tangan I sorang yg ambik gambar coz Hubby pening2 lalat tak cukup tido. So, he was stuck at his chair..:-( . Oh..Their tok & Baby were there too to share the big moments..

Alysa - waiting with her friends

Alysa - with her cert

Part of the graduating class

Ayra - with her trophies

Alysa - Akademik tertinggi

 Alysa - performing 'Hambamu'

 Alysa - Receiving her cert. Look at the screens. There were 3 screens. When each graduating kid when on stage, their biodata was projected.  Alysa nak jadi " jururawat - nak jadi macam mama"..:-) Hello sayang, sejak bila mama jadi jururawat ni? Tu lah, my profesion ni the kids tak familiar..

Proud mama

Top students list at the back of the hall

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