Saturday, December 3, 2011

Airis is 1

 Last thursday Airis turned 1. Initially I didn't plan any celebration for her. It was a busy week with me having a course for 3 days which ended at 11 pm. We were also in KL at the beginning of the week. So, on wednesday, I told hubby if i have the energy, I'd make something for her.

Then, Mak came over on Thursday morning. Kak & family were also here that afternoon. Ila & family also planned to spend the nite at our house. Since everybody was at our house, I made a quick pan. When I got back at 3pm that day, I started making a cake for Baby Airis & prepared something for tea. Abang Ari turned up for tea. Oreo Cheesecake was not ready by the time I had to go for my course at 6pm. It had to be chilled some more. So, had to postpone to that nite.

 By the time I got home at 10pm, Baby Airis was fast asleep. Alysa was whining to cut the cake. Tp bday girl dah tido camne? Alysa was crying herself to sleep coz she'd miss Baby Airis cutting the cake the next day as she had to go to school.  Pagi Jumaat tu kesian pulak kat Alysa. So mama let her ponteng...:-)

 To my sweet & cheeky Baby Airis, Happy 1st birthday my sweet. At 1 year old, You already have 4 teeth.. trying to stand on your feet albeit wobbly. Your smiles really make my day. You clapped your hands to the tune ' tepuk amai-amai', wiggled your hands to the sound 'twinkle twinkle little star', raised up your hand when being called . You moved to the sound of music. You like to fight with K.Cik Adalia for my iphone, pulling vehemently to get control of it..:-). You can say mama & papa now which makes me proud of you.

 My darling Baby Airis, May Allah be with you in whatever you do.  We love you heaps.

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