Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Good Deal in Disguise

 For the past few years, every Ramadhan we had this habit of buying some furnitures. Not that we were going to celebrate raya at home, tapi ntah kebetulan kut.. Seronok shopping bulan puasa. Lunch time was spent shopping..:-)

Recently Hubby decided to change our old sofa for the TV area. After browsing at some furniture outlets, we decided on the L-shaped sofa due to its size. We had to make a booking as it was not displayed at the showroom. Special order to fit our small area.

Last friday, we received our order together with a bookcase ordered from the same outlet. Sempat tengok sofa tu kejap je coz petang tu balik Jitra. Last nite baru I perasan there was something odd about the sofa. Sure enough, only the top part was leather. During our booking, we asked a few times what kind of material was the sofa.. They said all would be leather except for the back side which was PU. This side wasn't supposed to be noticeable.

Today, the manager kena tadah telinga le dengar I berleter. Memula tu diaorang bagi alasan the bottom part tu guna casa ( betul ke ejaan ni? ) leather, something like fake leather. Lagi le I mengamuk. When we said leather, we want cow leather as promised, not some fake leather. At last, they relented. They admitted their mistake. To compensate that, they took back the sofa & I'm getting full leather ( even the back side! ) at no additional cost. I'm getting around RM1K better deal..Credit goes to Ebenezer Furniture for their good customer service. The manager handled my complaints pretty well. Now I'm waiting for my new sofa..:-)

Alysa & Adik posing with the sofa just before kena angkut untuk tukar baju baru..

 I love murtabak but I hated the ones sold at our bazar ramadan. Penuh bawang lah, too sweet, too spicy..etc. So now I make my own murtabak albeit a mini one using kulit popiah. It's still a lot better..;-)

Mini Murtabak

Kulit popiah
1 cwn ayam, potong kecil
1 bawang besar, potong dadu
2 biji kentang, potong dadu
1 sk rempah kari ayam
1/2 sk serbuk lada hitam
1/2 sk pati ayam
garam secukup rasa
2 biji telur

1. Tumis bawang hingga layu. Masuk rempah and lada hitam hingga wangi.
2. Masukkan ayam, kentang dan sedikit air dan  biar hingga masak.
3. Tambahkan pati ayam dan garam.
4. Masukkan dalam mangkuk dan biar hingga sejuk.
5. Campurkan inti murtabak dengan telur.
6. Ceduk 2 sb inti ke atas kulit popiah. Lipat dan goreng hingga garing.

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