Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Short Break in Port Dickson

We have never stayed in Port Dickson before. Pathetic kan.. since kalau balik Batu Pahat mesti kena lalu Seremban. But we never had time to stop there before. So, this time, instead of spending 2 nights in Cameron Highlands, I suggested to Hubby to spend 1 night in Cameron Highlands and 1 night in Port Dickson sambil balik kampung.

Banyak sangat hotels kat PD ni. Tak tau nak pilih. At last, we stayed at Lexis Water Chalets. Nothing impressive here. Next time, may be nak stay somewhere near Teluk Kemang or Kampung Rusa. Since this was really a short break, we only spent our time at beaches. Nak makan pun tak tau kat mana. So, try le satu cafe near Bagan Pinang Beach. Nampak macam cantik but foodwise..well, I'd rather not go there again. Ada ke cheezy wedges, dia hantar kentang tergolek without the cheezy sauce. When I complained, the chef said that was their style. Oh well, I didn't taste any cheese in it but I paid for the cheese..

Masa school hols ada expo kat Teluk Kemang. So, we all lepak kat situ je malam tu. Nothing much there. Mostly baju2 je. Food pun tak banyak gerai & very limited. Expo ni tepi pantai tapi panas kat sini!

Lexis Port Dickson ( formerly known as The Legend Water Chalets )

Pantai Tg Gemok

 Pantai Bagan Pinang

Watching Sunset

Waiting for our dinner

Pantai Teluk Kemang

Muka Bangun Tidur

Splashing in the pool

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