Saturday, November 19, 2011

Adik's 5th Birthday

Hujung tahun ni berderet lak our birthdays. This month we celebrated Adik's birthday. The day before she turned 5, she had high fever. She was shivering & had to be given medications every 4-6 hours. We promised her, if she got better on her birthday, we would take her out for lunch.

Adik is 5 years old

 Alhamdulillah, She was better on her birthday. But, still lacking in appetite & energy. Her eyes looked sunken. Tapi...masih ada energy nak bersolek before keluar..;-). We took them out to Jusco. We let her choose where she wanted to have her lunch. Kalau Alysa & Baby, confirm pilih McD. Tp, Adik ni kan tak makan anything related with roti, so, she had few choices. Finally, she picked The Chicken Rice Shop..:-). Sempoi betul! But, Hubby bought something from KFC for Baby. Lepas lunch, we bought a birthday gift for her.

Having fun with her sisters

   Adik was lucky this year. She got to celebrate her 5th birthday a few times. First kat kampung together with Baby & Afif. Then on 13th nov which was her birthday. Tapi tak de cake that day coz mama was not in a cooking mode. 3 days of hearing her request of a birthday cake, I made her 'American Choc Cake' as requested. Then today, on her final day before school holidays, they had a birthday party at her kindy. I made her another choc cake. She said there were 5 cakes today for all the birthday girls & boys.

Baby , Adik & Afif's birthday celebration with their cousins. Baby requested Oreo Cheesecake. Kat luar ada BBQ tu..:-)

Yeay! Dapat gak bday cake sendiri..

Choc Cake utk bawa ke kindy. Still motif princess as requested.

My dearest Adik, Happy 5th Birthday sweetheart. Semoga menjadi anak solehah & bahagia dunia & akhirat. We will always be there for you to watch you achieve what your heart desires. We love you forever.

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