Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adalia's 3rd Birthday

 Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet Baby Adalia. At 3 y.o , you are sweet, cheeky, intelligent and you already know your ABC. It makes it easier for you to search for songs in youtube or games in google search. You just love to play games in mama's iphone. When I got back from work, you'd request to play games in mama's phone. If your requests were declined, you'd then opt for computer games..:-)

 You're especially closed to Kak Ngah be it playing toys or games or drawing together. But, you slept with Baby Airis at night. You are attentive to Adik Baby's needs although you bullied her sometimes. You adamantly want to be called Baby such that we had to call Baby Airis Adik Baby or simply Airis. You speak in a melodious tone and trying very hard to pronounce words and speak correct sentences.

My dear Baby Adalia, We love you to bits. May Allah bless you always and may you grow up into a beautiful person inside and out.

The cheeky Baby Adalia

With the sisters. Hubby & I were unhappy when we were greeted with this sight upon reaching home from Ho Chi Minh. Alysa & Ayra's short hair. Cut by Tok..:(

Birthday cards from the sisters

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