Thursday, June 23, 2011

Her First Ward Experience

 Last Friday, when Baby Airis didn't seem to improve and her respiratory rate was around 60, we decided to send her to the hospital. Again, she was requested to do the x-ray. Since this was the 3rd doctor who requested her to do the chest x-ray, we relented.

 She was found to have acute bronchiolitis and had to be admitted. Tapi lepas kena neb + O2 kat casualty, she seemed to improve. Masa kat ward tu pun she looked okay. Kitaorang pun actually nak bawak dia balik, tapi the paed suruh stay a day or two to observe. Since case dia macam teruk gak, she was warded in acute ward. I lak yang stress & couldn't sleep the whole nite. Dah le dok dengar bebudak melalak & merengek. Airis pulak kira okay gak coz tak de le meragam sangat except at one time around 2-3am where she cried non-stop. Tapi lepas pujuk2 tidur balik. She was also on 2 hourly neb & given IV antibiotic.

 The next day, dia dah asyik muntah je lepas feeding. So, by petang kena drip la pulak. Jarum yang previous day tu dia tarik sampai tercabut, so kena cucuk the other hand. Tapi lepas maghrib dah dapat transfer ke single room. Lega I...Mmg everytime paed check je, I mintak discharge..:-)

 Ahad tu still tak boleh discharge sbb dia dah start demam. Asyik kena supp je sbb dia asyik muntak so tak bagi orally. Alhamdulillah, by this time diorang dah off drip dia. Neb pun dah 4 hourly je. Tamiflu still kena amik. By monday, her fever subsided. The paed still nak observed dia another day. On Tuesday morning, again dia cabut branulae sendiri. I sedar2 je tgk2 dah tergantung & ada bleeding sikt. So, kena le bagi antibiotic orally which was soo difficult. Kena control takut dia melalak & muntah. Lepas paed buat round that late afternoon, yeay..dah boleh discharged. We arrived home at 8.30pm. Alhamdulillah.

  Now, she is recovering well. Badan still ringan. She lost her chubbiness. Pipi dah kempis. Still have a few doses of antibiotic to go. She's the first in the family being warded. Tulah, rumah kitaorang dah berabuk for a few months becoz of the renovation. Then the smell of paints.. Tapi dia kira okay le jugak boleh tolerate a few months of dusts. Sebelum ni kalau the other princesses demam or selsema, dia jarang berjangkit. This time le paling teruk..


Sizuka said...

alahai.. sian airis. memang nampak pipi dia dah kempis banyak. hope she's getting better now.

4AS said...

Sorry br nak babe. Airis is better, kakak2 dia pulak yang tak sihat..:-(