Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Their First Day

 Last monday was Alysa & Ayra 's first day at kindie. Excited je dua2 org. They woke up just before 7am. They were in their uniforms way before Papa was ready to send them at 8am. Sempat lagi for photo session..:-)
 Since I pn tak tau what would be served for breakfast at the kindie, I bekalkan diorg Milo & biscuits. Yg risau kat Adik. She doesn't eat bread. So, kalau diaorg serve roti mmg dia tk mkn punya. That's why I bekalkan dia oatcrunch.
 Balik from kindie 2-2 org excited bercerita. According to Alysa, Adik cried twice coz they were put in different classes. Kakak on the first floor for 6 years old. Adik kat ground floor. Alysa ok le coz dapat duduk sebelah Amirul, our next door neighbour. Alysa makan what was served & also her bekal. Adik pulak makan yang diaorang jamu je.
 Ni dah masuk third day & diorang still eager to go to school kira ok le tu. Looking at their sizes, macam tak percaya je that they are only 1 year apart. Alysa weighs 27kg & wears size XXL. Adik pulak separuh dari Alysa. She is only 15kg ( diet le ni..:-) ) & wears size M. Kalau org tengok, setengah orang tak sangka that they are sisters. Hari tu masa nurse datang check kat rumah, dia tanya Adik anak sape..:D But, looking ather hair, mmg rambut papa la..

Getting ready to go to school.

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