Thursday, December 3, 2009

Someone Stink on Eidul Adha 1430

Eidul Adha passed by quickly with a few events. It was not a big celebration in Kedah but one or two incidents made this eid a memorable one! As usual, in the early morning, most people in my parents' household went for the Eid prayer. I didn't go bcos the princesses woke up late. But, we later went visiting the relatives around my parents' house.

Eidul Adha 1430

Clockwise: Hubby tgh tunggu makanan dihidang at Cik Teh's house, At Bang Din's house where we found the cotton bud in Adik's nose, Cik Teh tgh serve food, Ila posing with Tok while Ibnu looked on.

At one of the houses, Adik sat with Hubby. Hubby commented that she smelled bad. I said that I noticed that she smelled bad for the past week even after her bath & after brushing her teeth. So, Hubby started smelling parts of her face eg ears, mouth & nose. He found out the smell came from her nose. After checking her nose, he saw something whitish inside her nose. We suspected that it was a cotton bud! Initially we wanted to wait till we get back home on monday to take it out. But, we really couldn't stand the smell! Lagipun kesian kat Adik eventhough she didn't complain of any pain.

After lunch we headed to Hospital Jitra to borrow their equipments. Surprisingly, Adik cooperated & sat still while Hubby took out the cotton bud. The cotton bud had turned greenish! hehe..Patut le busuk giler.. She was also given antibiotic. Tapi tak bagi makan pun since the smell was gone the day after we took out the cotton bud..:-)

Not smelly anymore

Before heading to Hospital Jitra, we had a simple cake cutting ceremony for Adik's 3rd birthday. I made Choc Cheese Cake. Resepi taram. Modify from a few recipes..:-) It turned out okay & licin..

Ayra's belated bday

The next day, we went to Huda's akad nikah. She's my cousin's eldest daughter. The akad nikah was held at Masjid Malau where we also had our akad nikah. Nostalgia la pulak..:D

Around Huda's akad nikah ceremony

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