Saturday, November 7, 2009

Girl or Boy?

When we met new people, they always guess that Baby is a boy..Some people said that we might have really wish for a boy that she looks like a boy. Now, with her being so active, well.. she almost behaves like a boy..:-) Memanjat everywhere.. even when I was lying on the sofa, she'd climb over me just to grab a phone or have a look outside thru the window. If she's left on her own in our room, she'd make a mess in our wardrobe! If we let her near a bookcase, there must be books & magazines strewn all over the floor afterwards..Sigh..Penat weh dgn princess sorang ni..But, we definitely didn't really wish for a boy when I was pregnant with her. In fact, Hubby said another girl would be nice..:-) Yelah.. seriau dia tgk boys yang lasak2..haha.. No offense to anyone. Perhaps we might get a boy for our 4th kid..:D

Baby boy? Of course not!

On another topic, the princesses would be left behind in a few days time coz Mama & Papa are going for a much needed break. We are staying with some friends since they insisted ( Betul ke ni??..hehe..) that we stayed with them. It's good to have friends all over the places. Kalau holiday, boleh le ada orang jadi tourist guide..:-). This is the first time that Baby is going to be left behind for a few days. Last year we left Alysa & Adik for a few days when we went for a holiday. Kalau cuti2 kat Malaysia ni of course la diaorang ikut. But overseas ni susah sikit bawak small kids. With travelling & food hazards..seriau le pulak..

Muka2 nak kena tinggal..hua..

The past week ni memang malas giler nak masak! Just prepare simple lunches..Since we are not fussy with our food, something filling is enough for us. Sometimes, I just made roasted chicken or mutton steak. So, simple...Desserts lagilah malas. But yesterday terajin le pulak wat Banana Cake which I've done before. CMG's recipe..

Banana Cake

Last week we attended Hazeem, our neighbour's 5th Birthday. The theme was of course Ben 10. Even Alysa loves Ben 10 now. She's glued to the TV if Ben 10 is on air. Luckily we picked Hazeem's gift which was Ben 10 related stuff. Unfortunately, the princesses didn't get to mingle around coz there was a clown..and they are scared of clowns! So, they were stuck by my sides..

Hazeem's Birthday Party

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